Sunflower and Bee

This was a fun personal photography project to document the sunflowers my Daughter and I planted this year. These were our first ever sunflowers and they were so interesting to watch. As they grew, their heads appeared to move as they followed the sun during the day. Once they bloomed, bees and butterflies along with various bugs eagerly enjoyed their pollen. As they began to fade, their heads dropped as if to show their sadness at leaving their view of the sun.

Currently, they’re still blooming vigorously as if to prolong their passionate relationship with the sun. The bees, insects and butterflies are frequent companions. All eagerly partaking in the buffet of pollen. I look forward to the seeds, but how I will miss these happy, bright sunflowers! Next year, I’ll be planting these all over the place!

It took weeks for them to all dry out, but afterwards, I harvested the seeds and stored them in glass jars for next year's planting. Hopefully I stored them properly because I'm looking forward to a yard full of gorgeous sunflowers! 

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