Review of TruMoo 'Halloween' Chocolate Milk

Who doesn't love chocolate? Such a thought is truly frightening. When I want chocolate milk, I've always grabbed a glass of milk and mixed it with Hershey's syrup. It's a simple recipe for nostalgia. Yet, when I was offered the chance to try TruMoo chocolate milk for free, how could I resist? Besides, my children also love chocolate milk and I'd never tried TruMoo.

Considering Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, I was super excited to see the themed packaging and to discover that any purchase of half gallon or larger through October 31, of specially marked Halloween Edition TruMoo®, included a code to enter on the TruMoo®

TruMoo®, Facebook page or for a chance to win a FREE Goosebumps Haunted Hollywood Vacation!

All-expenses-paid vacation to Los Angeles, CA with private tours full of haunted Hollywood magic with the grand prize of behind-the-scenes tour of Fox Studios and a visit to Old Town Pasadena for a frightening special effects experience. They even included a printable coupon for $2 off any Goosebumps DVD of your choice which was awesome because I loved to read and watch Goosebumps as a kid! You can view rules and restrictions here.

 In my BzzKit, I recieved:

  • A FREE coupon for a half gallon or larger of Halloween TruMoo® in special edition Vanilla or Chocolate
  • Pass-along coupons for $.75 off Halloween TruMoo® to share with other parents
  • Two TruMoo® inspired recipes for enjoying and sharing

I nearly missed the review deadline due to searching for the special edition 'orange' vanilla. I was really hoping to try it, but it was either sold out or not sold in my area. So I finally opted for a gallon of chocolate milk.

As for the milk itself, "it's made with pure, fresh milk from your trusted dairy, no artificial growth hormones and no high fructose corn syrup, TruMoo® has the delicious taste kids go crazy for, now with 35% less sugar* than a leading chocolate milk brand".  One gallon has 140 calories per 1 cup serving with 2.5g of fat, 1.5g of saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 15mg of cholesterol, 180mg sodium, 420mg potassium, 20g carbs, 0g fiber, 18g sugars, 8g protein. The ingredients list was small which is something I look for in my food, but there is carrageenan which I try to avoid. I was very glad to see there were no dyes used to color the milk! Otherwise, there was nothing different than that of typical milk except of course the addition of cocoa.

Upon opening, the milk has only a slight chocolate smell which is actually preferable compared to the overly 'fake' smell that many other chocolate milks tend to have. Pouring it, the milk was the consistency of typical milk. It wasn't too watery nor thick or creamy as I'd assumed.


As for the taste, if you have never liked chocolate milk or prefer a more subtle flavor than this is the perfect milk for you. It's a more milk chocolate taste that better goes with meals and would be great for chocolate cereal. If you're like me and grew up on Hershey's syrup you may miss the richness.

As for my family, both of my children loved it and sofar have shown no issues with their stomache or behavior. My Husband however wasn't a fan of the flavor. He's the vanilla ice cream type, so that may be why.

In the end, I found TruMoo to be a worthy competitor against my childhood Hershey's milk and that of others I have tried. If you're not sensitive to carrageenan, then give it a try!

Visit TruMoo's website for full nutrition information or follow them on Facebook