Review of the Colgate SlimSoft Toothbrush

I received a SlimSoft toothbrush VoxBox compliments of Influenster.  Inside my box was a brand new SlimSoft toothbrush, 2.0oz Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield mouthwash in Peppermint Blast, a .75oz Colgate Total Advanced whitening toothpaste in clean paste, the VoxBox details insert card all wrapped sweetly inside red tissue paper. I had expected the toothbrush, but not the freebies! Awesome. Starting out with a smile already. 

Upon first impression, I found the toothbrush to be cheap in appearance. Basic. Just a straight forward toothbrush with no gimmicks or tooth scrubbing, tongue tickling bling. While I doubted the power of this teeny brush, I did however like how light it was and the silky softness of the bristles. Despite my apprehensions, inhaled some candy and then used the included toothpaste sample in my VoxBox and tried it.

At first I was worried that it was too soft and would lack the power to devour the sugary germs coating my teeth. Amazingly, this soft little brush actually worked harder than the big guys. It was nimble and agile. Able to attack even the deepest reaches of my mouth where the toughest enemies lingered. It was like a toothbrush secret weapon. My mouth was happy. I was impressed. My gums actually had bled a bit where this brush was able to get deeper than my former brush despite all its claims to fancy fame. My only complaint was that the bristles felt almost too soft to clean my tongue, but they seem to still be doing the job well.

As for the comments from others, my Husband feels regardless of color the brush is just too small for him. He's of course a more robust man so the dainty feeling of the brush is a hindrance. He also didn't actually try it due to the gross factor of sharing despite the potential for sterilization.

As for the samples, I found both the mouthwash and toothpaste to work quite well. The mouthwash didn't burn as prominently as expected and I find myself reaching for this toothpaste more than my full size tube of 'the other brand'. Despite the addition of carrageenan, I've not yet experienced any upset stomach or issues as warned by a Facebook contact.

In the end, despite the simplicity of the design, you can't judge a brush by its bristles! So, final verdict: I recommend the SlimSoft toothbrush for portability, softness and unexpected strength.


Extra Stuff: Influenster used my iPhoneography (Instagram) photo in their newsletter! See it


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