Review of Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

I received a Rimmel Stay Matte VoxBox compliments of Influenster. Inside my box was a brand new tube of liquid mousse foundation. This product hadn't even begun to be sold in stores yet! Very cool right? So of course, I was excited to test out the coverage and performance.

Upon first impression, I found the foundation to be packaged pretty with a fabulous mousse texture rather than to be runny or messy. I loved how hygienic it was to have the product in the tube rather than in a container regularly exposed to air and pore-clogging germs. I'd rather not apply using my fingertips, but of course you can also wash your hands after application or simply utilize a makeup sponge. I found that the sponge method was less messy for me, but tended to require alot more product and not apply as easily as with fingers. I could only assume it was due to the warmer temperature of fingers and the product's matte design.

The coverage was fabulous. I found most blemishes and even some scars to be greatly minimized along with obviously redness and freckles. The foundation applied like a mousse, but dried like a powder. It was lightweight and soft. My experience was like an instant application of foundation and powder in one small tube. However, despite prior exfoliation and even moisturization, this foundation was too drying for my combination skin. It was great that only a little was required to go a long way, but it was a disappointment to see the dryness.

Final Verdict:

This foundation is not recommended for combination or dry skin. It had great coverage, an awesome fluffy texture and was packaged in a convenient, no-mess tube. Despite being too dry for my combination skin, I feel that for those with oily skin, it would be great for fast foundation + powder combo when in a hurry to get glam!

Here is a video of my first impressions, unboxing and quick test of the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation.