Final Thoughts of the 2013 Influenster VioletVoxBox

Finally, after a long and daunting process of evaluating a box of free stuff, I've completed all the exhausting....wait, who am I kidding!! Of course how could I complain? The #VioletVoxBox was awesome from the start. It was my favorite color and full of free beauty products. Inside was a variety of freebies to pamper and please even the most harsh critic. My only complaint (gasp!) with this VoxBox was being one of the ones not chosen to receive the Goody QuickStyle brush. Not only was I 'drying' to try it, It bothered me to not be able to complete the badge tasks.

Here are the products received in the 2013 #VioletVoxBox as unboxed in my video. Find the full reviews here on my blog. Each individual post is complete with photos and some with video!


Dark Chocolate Cherry

Despite the dryness, the flavor was addictive and my picky children loved them. They're portable and warm-able. The variety of flavors makes the SoyJoy bars totally worth a try. The best part is their compact design that holds up well in a purse or hiking bag thanks partially to the durable packaging. If you're looking for a healthier snack for exploring nature, post-workout or even just between meals, consider SoyJoy!

Goody Athlétique Headband

In the end, the Goody Athlétique headband was useful and portable. It performed well considering the challenge my thin hair presents. I definitely recommend them for beauty regimen uses, but don't trust them for very physical sports unless worn with a ponytail. 

Montagne Jeunesse Red Earth Clay Spa

The spicy warmth of cinnamon. The rich, lush scent of pomegranates. An irresistible fragrance enrobes the soft and luxurious natural bamboo cloth mask. Once applied, the Mediterranean red clay and essential oils such as orange oil will deeply clean and rejuvenate your skin. I recommend this product for it's fabulous smell, ability to improve skin and ease of use. I definitely plan to make them a part of my regular beauty regime and sample the rest of Montagne Jeunesse's unique products.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish

An impressive polish. Lasts longer than most polish, quick drying and coats evenly in 1-2 coats. Brush makes application easy and despite not liking red, the polish wore so well that 'Red Snapper' has grown on me. As a Mother and photographer, my hands are always in use. I was amazed at how well this polish lasted. I typically wear glitter colors due to the gorgeous glam and longer wear-ability. This was the first basic color that has lasted over a week without touch-ups! Looking forward to trying the other colors and especially the glitter! :)

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

It's not as 'refreshing' as a long hot bubble bath with candles and spa pampering, but it instantly erases oil and is great for refreshing stale hair odors from city shopping excursions. However, the smell was my main issue. It was something like a baby powder perfume. I say perfume because my allergies weren't too happy with the smell. As a Mother of two, I've smelled enough baby powder to last a lifetime so it doesn't exactly make me feel sexy to smell like a newborn again.

Thank you to Influenster, SoyJoy, Goody, Montagne Jeunesse, Not Your Mother's and Sally Hansen!