Review of the Goody Athlétique Headband

I have thin, long hair. It's truly unfair to not be graced with the thick, luxurious hair that some women have to enrobe their beautiful faces. I often have difficulty finding products that will work well in my hair. Headbands tend to be one of the most troublesome devices for my hair type. They cause flatness or just don't stay in. They also cause the worst headaches. I usually tend to hold my hair back with my sunglasses. I guess I'm guilty of minimalist styling. So when I received a Goody Athlétique headband via my #VioletVoxBox courtesy of Influenster, I was skeptical of how it would perform.

The 'Influensters' all received different colors. Mine arrived as the black and baby blue reversible. I wear alot of black so loved the versatility of being reversible. They also come in black/purple and black/pink. I'd loved to have gotten the black/purple one due to my adoration of all things purple! The texture was soft, but a bit snaggy if you have dry skin on your fingers. Kinda feels slightly like a microfiber cloth. This wasn't totally annoying and it was due to the material being moisture-wicking fabric designed to keep the wearer cool and dry. The band thankfully has a wide shape to help hold back flyaways. It's so much better than those thin headbands which tend to leave ugly creases in hair or often just not hold well.

I found the Goody Athlétique did sometimes come off, but I don't have a petite skull (despite my petite 5'1"), so that could be why. When used with a pony-tail, my hair remained out of my face during a workout. If used with my hair down, my face remained dry and my hair kept away from my face despite being down. I actually preferred to wear it this way, but sometimes motion resulted it issues with it raising up the hair along the back of my head. This was a quick fix without having to remove the headwrap. My favorite use was to keep my hair away from my face while applying or removing makeup and while washing my face. It felt very secure for simple tasks such as during a beauty regimen or yoga, but not for more physical sports which resulted in frequent shifting.

My 6yr old Daughter loved it and I had to borrow it from her for my review. She's wanting me to get her one just for her, so I'll be finding her the black/pink one. I've seen them sold online at Target for $18 ($6 each, all three colors), so hopefully they're similarly or lower priced in local retail stores.

In the end, the Goody Athlétique headband was useful and portable. It performed well considering the challenge my thin hair presents. I definitely recommend them for beauty regimen uses, but don't trust them for very physical sports unless worn with a ponytail.