Review of Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spas

The spicy warmth of cinnamon. The rich, lush scent of pomegranates. An irresistible fragrance enrobes the soft and luxurious natural bamboo cloth mask. Once applied, the Mediterranean red clay and essential oils such as orange oil will deeply clean and rejuvenate your skin.

I received a single sample (retail value $2.49) Red Earth Clay Spa mask compliments of Influenster as part of my #VioletVoxBox. I was so excited to try it, but have sensitive skin so really was concerned if it would be a good or bad idea. Yet, I decided it was worth the risk to experience the luxuriously reviewed mask for myself.


Photo taken by my 6yr old Daughter...I felt kinda silly! Upon first impression, I was instantly enamored with the scent. Cinnamon and fruit. Such a blend of odor perfection that I was immediately wishing was available in a perfume. I have allergies so have to be cautious with odors too. Yet, this product's smell is pleasing and not over powering like a perfume. It just smells natural and somehow...clean. I had never before used a premade mask. I've always used the kind that require manual application. This is not only time consuming, but often messy. Obviously, the cloth mask is preferred. The only issue I had with the Montagne Jeunesse mask was the size. Not to mention looking like the shape shifter dude from Star Trek Deep Space 9! I believe I scared my entire family coming out of the bathroom. Yet, while I watched TV with them, they complimented the smell as I waited the 5-10 minutes recommended on the package. When it was finally time to remove the mask. I peeled off with no pain or difficulty. There was no skin reaction so I was really pleased. My skin also didn't feel tight or uncomfortable. Just fresh and vibrant. I did have to use a washcloth to remove some dried residue around the edges, but you can also rinse out the mask and use it. My skin felt AMAZING. Soft. Smooth. Happy. Fresh and free! Ok, so I'm getting carried away. Anyway, I was very surprised at just how well this freaky looking beauty regime worked. So I began exploring the packaging. They proudly displayed

"We're vegetarian and animals are our friends - that's why we don't bash bunnies or add bits of animals!"

As an animal lover myself, I was very happy to know they care enough to not test on animals. The portable packaging was bright, colorful and easy to open too.

As for the ingredients, they're pretty natural:

"Aqua (Purified water), Kaolin (Natural clay), lllite (Mediterranean clay), Glucose (Sugar), Xanthan gum (Natural thickener), Citric acid, Citrus aurantiaum dulcis (Orange oil), Limonene*, parfum (Fragrance), Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Cinnamon) leaf oil, Glycerine (Vegetable origin), Eugenol*, Punica granatum (Pomgranate) fruit extract, Glucost oxidase (Sugar origin), Lactoperoxidase (Milk origin). *Naturally found in essential oils

I recommend this product for it's fabulous smell, ability to improve skin and ease of use. I definitely plan to make them a part of my regular beauty regime and sample the rest of Montagne Jeunesse's unique products.

You can learn more about their products via Montagne Jeunesse's website, Facebook,

Twitter, and Pinterest