Not Your Mother's Clean Freak - Refreshing Dry Shampoo Review

Dry shampoo. The words are a conundrum. There are still many who have yet to try such a curious creation. I've even only tried one other brand. That experience was really scary with my hair looking like something about 50yrs older. So when I received a sample of NYM's compliments of Influenster's #VioletVoxBox, I was very skeptical and honestly not looking forward to trying it. Besides, I have thin hair that does best if washed due to sleeping on it crafting it into a very un-sexy flat mess! However, for the sake of beauty, I washed my hair and on day two, awoke to give NYM's dry shampoo an honest try.

First impression was the magical way it literally erased any oil that had developed where my hair naturally parts. It was like instant matte. Even in the under layers. The spray was very easy to use. Not at all wet. In fact, spraying it on my hand, it just feels cool and I see no moisture. The smell was my main issue. It was something like a baby powder perfume. I say perfume because my allergies weren't too happy with the smell. As a Mother of two, I've smelled enough baby powder to last a lifetime so it doesn't exactly make me feel sexy to smell like a newborn again. Yet, despite this my Husband thought it smelled nice. I found that it was definitely useful for refreshing the stale odors from exhaust and city shopping excursions.

I also tested it on my Husband's luxuriously thick hair and my children's thin blonde hair. It actually worked the best in my Husband's hair. His is thick and usually magically looks as if it wasn't actually slept in. A quick spray and brush and he was ready to go to work. Or the couch. It also worked well on my children's hair and didn't result in any ashy green color or other weird color changes. There was also no issues with my dyed hair.

So would I use it again? Depends. I was definitely able to remove excess oil and refresh hair when it had been previously washed and styled or on days I was lucky and sleeping didn't mangle my hair in all directions. The retail price for a full size bottle is around $5.99 which is actually not bad considering I've used my sample size multiple times and even tested it on my family for a better idea of how it would work on a variety of hair types. I'm very curious to try the rest of their products which you can see via their website:

Final Verdict: It's not as 'refreshing' as a long hot bubble bath with candles and spa pampering, but it instantly erases oil and is great for refreshing stale hair odors from city shopping excursions.