Random Thoughts

Occasionally, my opinionated mind likes to speak freely. These are some of the random thoughts I've had. This post will be regularly updated with new content and the date will be updated accordingly.

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1. "All the world's riches are an illusion defined by man".

2. "Such is life and death-to create and destroy dreams at its whimsy".

3. "A blanket of darkness threaded with stars enrobes my mind with moonlit skies".

4. "It's strange to see the wind blow in the opposite direction of normality..."

5. "The hardest part of the job search process is applying and waiting. I miss the old vintage ways where good people who worked hard impressed with deeds not degrees. Where you could be hired immediately if your humanity, compassion and sense of ethics shown brightly. Part of the problem with modern society is basing too much upon education listed on paper and forgetting the ideals, skills and wisdom from those who are eager, self-taught or overachieving. Age, education and connections matter, but should never override strength of character."

6. "When do dreams become reality…when do thoughts become actions? Our life is only a grain of sand in time’s hourglass. The future is the beginning of the past and ending of the present. Look around your life and find the meaning while you can. No one knows when time will run out, but the one certainty is that one day it will."

7. "How can one successfully sleep among the disturbing odors emanating from the posterior of another?"

8. "Morbid yet positive musing today: You're not 'old' unless you grow mold. Jack Lalanne and Chuck Norris prove that even in advanced years our bodies and minds are capable of much more than stationary stagnation."

9. "What somber musings hide behind the darkness residing in the mind. To find that which we seek is to expose the shadows and forge the passion for a new future. The forceful truth of a humanity that has lost direction amid a society without a lust for life beyond the glass."

10. "The world needs people that are more focused on humanity than on perfection".

11. "When you love someone, you are honest in all things, open in all matters and completely unselfish. Ensuring the happiness of the one you love before your own is more important than selfish addictions. A relationship is meant to be founded in equality based upon forging a future together. Anything else is not love. It is instead, a misguided fear of being alone."

12. "You have to follow your instinct. What speaks to you. Sometimes not following expectations creates the greatest possibilities. You can't expect to capture the essence of life by avoiding reality. Embracing freedom in self-expression, with no boundaries, is far more fulfilling than conforming to the expectations of a false society. Those who love you will support you regardless of eccentric nature. True humanity does not discriminate and is there regardless of all reasons: past, present or future. Be true to your soul and one day life will be suddenly amazing."

13. "I'm often asked how I write so creatively or capture my photographic adventures. The truth is to avoid the temptation to allow fear to touch you. Write and speak the truth. Capture the shot regardless if you have to climb a muddy hill, get soaked in the rain or your skin ripped by briars. I'm not promoting danger, I'm simply encouraging the reality that if you are held back by fear, you will not capture that which you seek. If you fail to speak the truth, there will only be words obscured by the reality which they contain. My writing and photography is only as beautiful as the truth. The truth of my words is what I see expressed exactly as I see it...the same with my photography. Learn to listen to your soul and your mind. Only then will you be free to express the truth for others to embrace into their soul and be inspired as I try to do with all my work."

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