Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish Review

I received a sample of Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish in 'Red Snapper' compliments of Influenster's #VioletVoxBox. As a Mother of two young children and a Photographer, my hands are always in use. Frequently, I must endure the ugly chipping of color and tedious time waster of daily touch ups. I had no idea if Triple Shine would be durable or if it would be as prone to disaster. I typically wear glitter colors due to the gorgeous glam and longer wear-ability.

The color of Red Snapper is a vivid red with a slight orange undertone. It's definitely the warmer end of the spectrum. I could see this color looking fabulous with a summer tan. My skin however, is naturally pale. I look best with cool toned colors. I definitely have never liked red for beauty products. However, I wanted to give this product an honest review so I opened the bottle and tried it.

On first impression, the bottle's shape is easy to hold, but I don't like that there is a removable cap that covers the brush. It seems pointless. The brush is designed flat for effortless application and the formula was the perfect consistency. It wasn't too thin or thick. Application was so enjoyable. Smooth and silky and despite application instructions recommending applying two coats to clean and dry nails, you could actually get away with just one if you were in a hurry. This formula glides on so smoothly that additional coats or touch-ups is simple and doesn't weaken the previous coat. The smell wasn't as strong as with some polishes and the color was true to the bottle. As for the promised shine, it was amazing.

Once applied, the true test was to see how well it held up to a full day of housework and childcare and then of course a photo session and editing. I was purposefully rough with my nails and amazingly only the very edges of my nails were affected. This polish was so durable! Even when I attempted to manually scratch it with a fingernail, there wasn't even a line. This had me so excited that I just had to try it on my Daughter's fingers and toes. At 6yrs old, she loves her nails to be painted, but isn't very good about taking care of them. Polish tends to last a day or two and the most and often because she's removed it with her fingernails or teeth. This polish totally rocked because she wasn't able to remove it for days! It lasted for well over a week. A first for her.

After wearing 3 days, edges only slightly worn.

My Husband was a very sweet guinea pig and allowed application to his toenails. It has been over three weeks and he still has about 50% of the polish despite wearing steel toe boots and socks. Even he was impressed with the longevity of the polish. He'd initially assumed it would come right off or he could just scratch it off and so had done it to be sweet. Little did either of us know this polish would be so incredibly stubborn! With that said, don't worry about when you really do want to remove it. A cotton ball and nail polish remover quickly removed the polish and restored him to his masculine dignity. The only time this polish didn't perform well was when applying the same day as removing previous polish. I found the magical durability to be nearly non-existence. I was able to scratch the polish of manually with my fingernails. The initial application (and all those since) were on bare fingernails that had had several days to rest between polish applications.

Personally, I prefer glitter polish. I did of course try a coat of sheer glitter as a top coat and it worked wonderfully. It of course wasn't needed as the polish had plenty of shine on its own. Sally Hansen's Triple Shine nail polish retails for around $4.99 and is available in 30 shades including glitter. Learn more on Sally Hansen's website:

Final Verdict: An impressive polish. Lasts longer than most polish, quick drying and coats evenly in 1-2 coats. Brush makes application easy and despite not liking red, the polish wore so well that 'Red Snapper' has grown on me. As a Mother and photographer, my hands are always in use. I was amazed at how well this polish lasted. I typically wear glitter colors due to the gorgeous glam and longer wear-ability. This was the first basic color that has lasted over a week without touch-ups! Looking forward to trying the other colors and especially the glitter! :)

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