SmugMug Support Hero Poem

In April 2011, I'd emailed Jill Valenzuela, the director of recruiting at SmugMug to request employment as a Support Hero. Considering the position allows work from home, there is rarely an opening. I was asked to send a resume & keep in touch. Despite being declined, I checked in every couple months & then every quarter due to the rarity of an open position, I eventually hoped I'd stand out with this poem, but as of this date - I'm still not a Support Hero, but my poem was applauded:

"There once was a Smugger called Amber.
 She wanted so bad to be a helper.
 Proud to assist and eager to please
 she emailed SmugMug on her knees.
 Oh Smuggy, for two years we've been together.
 Everyday I'm feeling better.
 Unlimited photos with unbeatable protection,
 this hosting is perfection.
 The Support Hero job would be so grand.
 I wait patiently to try my hand.
 You can't deny I'm not trying:
 So please SmugMug, get back to hiring!"

© Amber Flowers & may not be used without permission.

Currently, I frequent the forums to provide customization and general assistance with the hopes that my efforts will be noticed and until then, I'm glad to be able to help others.

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