The Smell of Creativity

 Christmas 2013, I was suddenly inspired by the smell of creativity inside my local Hobby Lobby store. I began searching and found a menagerie of eccentric Christmas oddities and created my holiday masterpiece. If you can tell, I'm pretty proud of this considering it's been over 10yrs since I've attempted anything floral! The best part was the glitter fight between me and my Husband. I think he still has glitter in his hair. Shhh!!! :)

The colorful arrangement!

Love the contrast of the black branches with the bits of 'ice'.

So what do you think? Should I consider creating floral arrangements more often? I find they're pretty expensive to create, but really are worth the cost when you feel pride at your own creation. Have you created a floral arrangement you're proud of? I'd love to see it. Tell me about it and post a link in the comment box below.

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