Winner: Soulmate' Photo Session Contest & Giveaway!

Happy Valentines's Day everyone! All week long, I'd offered the 'Soulmate' photo session giveaway. I'd wanted to provide the opportunity for someone to have an amazing Valentine's Day present to share with the one they love. What better present than documenting love in photos?

There were well over 150 entries at one point in the giveaway, but many entered in a hurry and failed to complete the required tasks or said they did when they didn't...such as leaving a comment with their 'love story' on the blog post. It was very sad to have to disqualify so many. Yet, despite this there was one entrant who's enthusiasm and desire to win was very inspiring. They were the only one to take the time to complete every entry requirement! Of course, Rafflecopter and has the final say. So anxiously, I clicked the button to see the winner and was amazed! Before we get to the winner, let's enjoy the suspense leading up to the winner's reaction!

I'd awoken later than planned this morning...blame the well-intended Husband who thought I could use some rest and let me sleep in. Being a full-time Mother and also a photographer, blogger and all is kinda exhausting sometimes. Yet, I was so eager to make someone's Valentine's Day totally awesome. Then, there was another delay when there was no reply from the winner after I'd emailed the announcement. After all her enthusiasm and the crazy fate that they were chosen, I couldn't wait to see her reaction and started to worry for Rafflecopter rules prohibited me from disclosing results manually via private message. Turns out, another ironic twist of fate. For she had used the wrong email address! I'd wanted to badly to just say, "you won!" I tried to hold back the obvious and word my replies in a way to not provide the winner or discourage her into thinking she'd lost. Way harder than it sounds! Suddenly, I received a message via my Facebook business page. She apologized thinking she was bothering me and requested to be putout of her misery if it wasn't her. I of course was definitely not bothered by her enthusiasm.  I think I was more in misery not being able to tell her! Finally, she'd sent me the correct email address and I eagerly resent the

'You won the Soulmate Photo Session giveaway!' email.

"Hello Lauren!!! Totally fate, you were chosen. You were the only entrant who correctly entered all tasks and with such infectious enthusiasm. Rafflecopter chooses winners using Had you not been chosen, they were to be two winners - for you had so impressed me with your hard work that I'd planned to offer you both a session. So without further rambling:
*imaginary confetti and rainbows*
So now, just reach out and confirm you still want to win and it's yours! I'm so excited to work with you and your Soulmate! :) Be sure to let him know about your awesome Valentine's Day present! "

 Within minutes she messaged a totally cute reply,

"OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! I WON!!! Thank you soooo much! I can't describe how excited I am!!!!!".

I think this totally made her day just as I'd hoped. My only regret was not being able to see her reaction in person. So she sent me her lovely acceptance speech:

"I am extremely happy as today could not get much better! What a wonderful surprise to be chosen the winner of the Soulmate portrait session! I have been anticipating the winner since the contest started. Thank you so much Amber Flowers & Soul Gaze Photography!!"

 Meet the winners: Lauren and Josh! They've even recently just celebrated their one-year anniversary on February 10th! How sweet and what perfect timing!

Photo Provided by Lauren. Used with permission.

Photo Provided by Lauren. Used with permission.

Lauren said,

"Our love is something that we've never had to "work on". It's easy for us to be together! Today is our 1 year anniversary & I still get butterflies anytime I'm around him! I feel like a kid again, but I know this is big girl love & I could never ask for anything more than what we have. We will hopefully be getting engaged soon & it would be AMAZING to win a photo shoot with you to use for our engagement pictures! I've never heard of your work before, but I love it from what I see! I really hope we win. :)"

She also called her Soulmate and told him about the awesome Valentine's Day gift she'd won for them. Now all that's left is to schedule their session (valid 6 months from today) and hope he's not camera shy! She's obviously very excited and enthusiastic - hopefully her enthusiasm will be contagious. I wish them both the best of luck with their relationship and our session together. Oh and of course, I wish them both a very sweet and happy Valentine's Day!!

As for the rest of you who entered, thank you so much for your time and finger crossing. I've sent an email with a special surprise for you all which is on it's way if you've not yet received it.