Added a Gorgeous New Lens to My Camera Bag

Early in January, I added a Canon 135mm f2.0 to my camera bag. This gorgeous lens is one of Canon's finest prime lenses. Great for portraits and creative fine art. It's known for creating beautiful and creamy bokeh. I'd been drooling over it for some time and finally took the plunge. It's a gorgeous lens capable of some serious beauty. Paired with my Canon 5D Mark III, it's amazing. I'm definitely not regretting purchasing this beautiful lens.

It's been bitterly cold here in Kentucky. Several random days of single digit temperatures (or below) so I've been feeling pretty lonely for warm summer days. My camera tends to hibernate in the winter just as much as I do, but I was stubborn and determined to capture a few test shots at the least. So, my 6yr old Daughter, who is a willing guinea pig, came outside with me on a warmer 50+ degree day. Below are my first photos taken with the lens. I'm pretty impressed with how well it performed and what I was able to capture just in my own front yard. SO excited to use this lens for my clients! :)

Update: I captured some lovely 'fine art' quality nature scenes on our anniversary trip! Here's a hint: frozen waterfalls!! Find them in my galleries! :)