Review of Red Rose Simply Indulgent Teas in Crème Caramel

I received a sample of Red Rose Simply Indulgent Tea in Crème Caramel compliments of the Influenster Jadore VoxBox. With summer fast approaching (one can dream after this loooooonnnnngggg and cold winter!), a lady must of course consider her health and nutrition months in advance of swimwear season. Desserts are lovely, but they definitely aren't good for our body and can result in unwanted pounds without discretion. So when I'd learned this line of teas was created as a dessert without the calories or guilt, I was unable to resist a bite...I mean sip!

The tea is packaged in somber, dark packaging reminiscent of vintage elegance. The tea bag itself isn't really any different than a typical tea bag, but the caramel scent was pleasant and not at all 'fake' smelling as I'd been concerned. I boiled adequate water in my favorite new mug, inserted the tea bag and waited for the moment when I could savor my dessert tea...or run away screaming to the bakery to wash my mouth out with some sugary confection.

The color is a dark, rich amber (hey, that's me!) and I found the aroma to be very pleasant. Something like a warm caramel candy or maybe a flan dessert. The taste was equally similar, but lacking the sugary sweetness that would obviously be present in the real dessert. You can of course choose to add sugar, honey or other favorite sweeteners if this is an issue.

Red Rose Simply Indulgent Teas are available in a wide variety of flavors at the retail price of around $4.49 for 20 bags. These flavors are great for those trying to lose or maintain weight, but who want to enjoy a dessert anytime. I've not tried them all yet, but Cinnamon Streusel or Peach Cobbler will be my next picks! I'm not so sure about Lemon Chiffon, but I'll probably try it too just because I like lemon green tea. Unless I prefer the other flavors, I'll definitely keep some of this tea in my cabinet for fighting cravings! :)



From Red Rose:
"For generations, members of the Red Rose Family have shared life’s special moments over the perfect cup of tea. Now, Red Rose ensures the tradition continues with a range of full-bodied and decadent black tea blends, perfect for any occasion. All the indulgence, none of the calories. Red Rose Simply Indulgent Teas deliver rich decadent favors in a premium black tea blend. Enjoy this indulgence in a cup, with non of the calories and none of the guilt!"

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