Review of Vaseline Men Spray Lotion Fast Absorbing

I received a sample of Vaseline Men Spray Lotion Fast Absorbing compliments of the Influenster J'adore VoxBox. Of course, I'm not a man, so this full size sample was for my Husband to try and review! My Husband likes to take hot showers. The kind where steam rises from his skin afterwards like a sexy lobster and the room looks like a foggy morning in a tropical rainforest. He might enjoy the heat, but such heat causes dry skin during harsh winters. Yet, he won't sacrifice his 'luxury' despite this. He's also always in a hurry due to working two jobs. So for him, to try a new lotion product that was designed to be fast, easy and effective - he was definitely interested.

The bottle and application was designed to be quick and thorough just like a typical spray-on sunscreen. We were both pleased about this because he rarely can be convinced to use sunscreen since his ancestry includes Indian blood and he tans so easily. However, when I found spray sunscreen he actually started using it during times when he knows the sun exposure will be prolonged. Vaseline providing men a lotion in a convenient spray will hopefully result in the same increased level of usage. Not that he needs it everywhere. His skin is like some silken man-god, but the shower does leave dry patches that neither of us find attractive.

My Husband took the bottle in his hand and with one quick motion had sprayed his arm. The lotion quickly disappeared as he rubbed it in with only a few quick strokes. The application for the other arm was equally as fast despite not being with the dominant (right) hand. His skin looked healthy and glowing and felt very smooth. The formula really was 'fast absorbing' unless he still had water droplets on his skin. In that case, it was a bit thinned and less effective, but still absorbed with only slightly more effort. The effects seemed to last for hours and the skin improvement was obvious. The only issue we had was with the scent. He felt it was acceptable, but I felt it smelt a bit 'peppery' and had the potential to clash with other body products such as shampoo/conditioner, deodorant or body spray. Thankfully it didn't really bother my fragrance allergies much. My truthful complaint is that I can't borrow this due to the masculine scent! ;)

Despite the smell, we both loved the ease of use and my Husband says he'll most likely continue to use this in the future since it is so quick and easy when he's in a hurry to get ready for work. Here's a video of him applying the lotion so you can see just how quick and easy it is to use.

About Vaseline Men Spray Lotion

Many men don’t use lotion daily because it takes too long to apply and absorb, and can often feel sticky and greasy on the skin. Introducing new Vaseline® Men Spray Lotion - a continuous spray lotion that moisturizes deeply and absorbs in seconds to tackle dryness fast and leave skin feeling great. After application, skin feels instantly moisturized – not sticky or greasy. Vaseline® Men Spray Lotion is available in two formulas: Fast Absorbing and Fast Cooling.Unlike traditional bottled lotions, new Vaseline® Men Spray Lotion is able to deliver an innovative targeted spray through the union of three special elements:

  1. External Structure: Consists of an expertly-engineered, twist-lock actuator that is easy to press and prevents spills, as well as a straight wall aluminum can that fits nicely in the hand.
  2. Internal Structure: Utilizes bag-on-valve technology for 360° continuous spray delivery, using only compressed air.
  3. Formulation: Thin enough to spray delivering a non-sticky sensory experience and effective moisturization. Key Features and Benefits
  • A convenient 360° continuous spray lotion that moisturizes deeply and absorbs in seconds
  • Skin will feel instantly soft and moisturized – not sticky or greasy
  • Fast to apply, quick to absorb
  • Targeted spray dispenses lotion quickly and evenly to leave skin feeling great
  • All over body coverage
  • Fragrances designed specifically for men 
  • SRP: $7.99 for 6.5 oz. can (30 uses in a can)

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