Review of Quaker Warm and Crunchy Granola (Oatmeal)

As a BzzAgent, I receive products complimentary for review. When invited to the Quaker Warm and Crunchy campaign, I was so excited! I like oatmeal. Just not if it's sticky and gooey. I want my oatmeal to be full of flavor with just the right amount of firmness and texture. Leave the sticky oatmeal for babies! I spend most of my free time hiking and I enjoy the satisfying crunch of a granola bar in my hiking bag. So imagine my enthusiasm when I learned that Quaker had taken the best of both and combined them into a new product designed to bring oatmeal crunching into the future?

BzzAgent provided us the option to try one of the free flavors along with coupons for $2.00 off a box of another to share with others (or be greedy shhh!). I chose the Apple Cinnamon flavor since I knew it was one that would be easiest to compare to other oatmeal brands in the past and also the one most likely to be enjoyed by my family.

My box safely arrived and I immediately photographed it and tried it both dry and cooked according to the directions. First impression? YUM. Tasted just like warm apple pie. I was actually wishing I had vanilla ice cream or a can of whipped cream. The only downside is this flavor is a bit sweet so not the best option for mornings where you don't want sweet or for those with dietary restrictions. I decided to also try the Cranberry Almond flavor which was less sweet and had the enjoyable tartness of dried cranberries. I wanted to try the honey almond, but the shelves were usually empty! Must be a great flavor. There are so many things you can do with this oatmeal too, including using it to make parfaits. I had my two children and husband try both flavors and they really liked it. My husband said he may actually start eating oatmeal l now. My son was too busy eating to tell me anything and my daughter who usually hates oatmeal told me that she loves oatmeal now. Considering how amazingly this oatmeal tastes and how portable it is, I will definitely be keeping it in my pantry. For the full review, watch the video.

Here is my YouTube video introducing the oatmeal and showing preparation with tips:

Uncooked, this oatmeal looks more like healthy granola. (This is Apple Cinnamon).

Cooked, you can see the creamy and crunchy texture. So much flavor! (This is Apple Cinnamon).

From Quaker:

Taste the crunchy side of oatmeal
Just like you, NEW Quaker® Warm & Crunchy Granola proves that nothing is impossible. Your family squeezes soccer practice, homework and piano recitals into one day, while Quaker® has added the crunch of granola to the wholesomeness of oatmeal for a bold new breakfast to help fuel your family. The hearty goodness of whole grain Quaker® oats are specially baked into delicious clusters of multigrain granola that stay crunchy even after being heated with milk. The only question is which flavor to start with:
  • Apple Cinnamon is made with real pieces of apple and the ideal touch of cinnamon
  • Cranberry Almond has the perfectly sweet taste of cranberries and the nutty flavor of almonds
  • Honey Almond sets up your day with the sweet and nutty flavors of honey with almonds mixed in
Make it with milk
It’s always smart to have a gallon of the good stuff in the fridge, but be sure to have some milk on hand when your BzzKit arrives. While NEW Quaker® Warm & Crunchy Granola gets its satisfying crunch from clusters of multigrain granola, you need to heat it up with milk to fully enjoy the creamy side of the equation. It only takes 25 seconds to make, so you won’t have to wait long to enjoy the crunch.
All the benefits you love
It turns out this bold new texture still has the wholesome goodness you expect out of your favorite hot cereal. Each bowl of NEW Quaker® Warm & Crunchy Granola has at least as many whole grains (32g) and fiber (4g) as a bowl of Original Quaker® Instant Oatmeal (27g whole grains, 3g fiber).

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I Shared the  Bzz:

I spoke with shoppers, family and friends about Quaker's newest oatmeal (Warm and Crunchy) and of course let them know that I was a BzzAgent and received a free box + coupons (to share!) I told them how awesome it was to finally have an 'adult' oatmeal (good for kids too) that tastes great and isn't sticky, bland or boring AND is so fast and easy to prepare in 25 seconds using only a 1/4 cup of milk. I was very excited about this BzzCampaign so totally convinced them to try it. Now the shelves are low in stock and I want more! They all seemed excited to try it to since many don't like the sticky issues with regular oatmeal, but love the heart-healthy benefits. I also told them you can carry the packs in purse or backpack like how I do when hiking for an extra snack.