Review of Starbucks® Blonde Roast - Veranda Blend

 The fresh, bold aroma of coffee filling the air is such pleasure to the senses upon waking. There are so many brands and types of coffee that it can be a bit overwhelming deciding what to choose. Especially for those who've never tried or liked coffee. I personally love coffee, but only with creamer for added sweetness and flavor. Rarely black. Of course, in the morning I prefer a light and mellow coffee without the dark roast taste that overpowers my sluggish senses. I'd previously been a drinker of Maxwell House Breakfast Blend for many years. Is there a coffee that could make me switch?

I was sent a full size 12oz. bag of Starbucks® Blonde Roast - Veranda Blend compliments of BzzAgent in exchange for an honest review. Of course I was excited. Everyone LOVES Starbucks! I felt a bit special being invited to this campaign, but of course I put aside all notions of expectations and reflected upon my experience neutrally.

After photographing my bag (which had gorgeous feminine hummingbird design) and the coffee itself for this review, I literally went straight to my kitchen to try a cup. I currently use a single cup coffee maker. I love that there's less waste by making a cup as I need it. I added the pre-ground coffee to my basket, added water and awaited patiently.

 Finely ground = messy counter, but worth it!

Finely ground = messy counter, but worth it!

 Flavored my way! Yum!

Flavored my way! Yum!

The coffee maker began to steam and spit. Coffee was being created for my personal pleasure. I left for a moment and when I returned, my coffee maker had created a mess! I had coffee all over my mug and counter. Yikes! I washed out the basket and used it to filter the coffee into another cup and cleaned up the mess. I wondered what could have happened. So I made another batch. Another and another and...found that 6 of 10 batches had this issue. Apparently, my coffee machine doesn't like finer ground coffees! I'm unsure the results with other machines, but be aware this is a possibility. I'm not a fan of the mess at all. Especially mornings I'm in a hurry. The question was is this coffee would taste well enough to justify the occasional mess or should I just stick with my current?

Despite not being a fan of dark, unflavored or unsweetened coffee, for the sake of the review I first tried it straight. Wow. Surprisingly it's a bit bitter as expected, but drinkable as is. Then I tried a cup with just a bit of sugar and another with my favorite creamer (Coffeemate Peppermint Mocha), whipped cream and a pinch of cappuccino powder. It was so creamy...smooth and just so perfect. The best coffee ever. I'm not saying this because of this being a freebie, I actually liked this coffee!! Suddenly I had a new coffee capable of being the morning refresher that I needed without overpowering. The color was a golden amber color and reminded me of a sunrise. Perfect coffee for the morning. I found the caffeine content to be just right. Not too much to make me jittery,  but enough to last without needing back to back cups. Of course, how well caffeine works will depend upon your tolerance level. I usually drink 1-3 servings of coffee or caffeine daily.

I had my husband try it, but he has always hated coffee of any kind regardless. He said it was better than the other coffees I've had him try, but he's still not converting from his beloved Dr. Pepper. At least I tried right? As for me, I know what I'll be drinking when ever I need coffee with a more mellow flavor. So yes, I do recommend that you try Starbucks® Blonde Roast - Veranda Blend.

From Starbucks: "Starbucks® coffee is known for being bold. But what if you want a cup that’s just as great-tasting, but not as dark roasted? Enter Starbucks® Blonde Roast coffees. It’s the coffee Starbucks has been missing — made for the people they’ve been missing. Just like the Starbucks® coffees you already know, they’re crafted using only the finest beans and are full of flavor. But unlike their renowned dark roasts, Starbucks® Blonde Roast coffees are decidedly mellow. One sip and you’ll fall in love. We’re talking perfectly balanced, beautiful, light-bodied coffees. But don’t just take our word for it — sample Starbucks® Veranda Blend®, Aria Blend™ and NEW Bright Sky Blend for yourself.

A lot of work went into this relaxing cup. It took Starbucks more than 80 tries to get this blend right — mellow and flavorful with a nice softness. It’s subtle with delicate nuances of soft cocoa and lightly toasted nuts. Origin: Latin America. Body: Light. Acidity: Medium. Processing: Washed. Available in: Whole Bean & Ground, Starbucks VIA®. Instant Coffee, Starbucks K-Cup® packs. Find Starbucks online: