Life can be so cruel, illogical and unjust and also be so beautiful and amazing. How we choose to exist when faced with painful misunderstandings in the past or being unwanted in the present can determine our sanity and future path to happiness. No one should ever cry more than they smile. Yet, regardless of beauty, wealth or social status - often there are more surviving in hidden agony than flourishing in joy. We can spend our entire life trying to be exactly what is expected or wanted. Suddenly, one day you realize being someone else in order to please another is not being yourself and is not truly being loved or accepted. Mistakes happen. We are not perfect. Attempts to communicate...to determine both sides and understand are ignored. Such stubbornness and pride puts life on hold. Memories missed. Years lost. There is no logic in such distance, yet it's provided under the assumption that being a martyr would be doing what was right to ensure there are no more failures. No more misunderstood tears. For in the end, a lifetime of failed perfection is no longer possible when even the attempted perfection was not enough. Sadly, even providing such distance is also a failure for in the distance is perceived as not caring, despite being a most painful sacrifice.