Review of Littlest Pet Shop Style Set, Yummy Treat Bar and Pet Pawsabilities

I've been a BzzAgent since April 2013. Products I've been sent (complimentary in exchange for honest review) tends to usually be for my age group. This time, I was invited to let my daughter enjoy a campaign for Hasbro's Littlest Pet Shop toys. She was of course way beyond excited. So, since this time the product was a bit different, I'm doing this review differently too. It's going to be 90% by her. I'll give my final thoughts as a mom at the end. So, welcome my 7yr old daughter, Lorna, to my blog for her first product review!

Lorna's Review: 

Were you excited to test the Littlest Pet Shop toys?

 "Yes I am and thank you for asking and BzzAgent thank you for The Littlest Pet Shop and thank you to whoever made it".

What did you think of the box when it came in the mail?

"Very, very big and there was a big box and a little box and that's very cool and thank you". 

What did you think of the packaging once you saw the boxes?

Did the packaging make you want me to buy more?

 "They were so amazing. They were so cool and thank you BzzAgent for letting me have that. Both of the boxes was cute and the pets are cuter. Yes! I wanted an owl and a pink kitten and Zoe and the male dog."

Which toys did BzzAgent and Hasbro's Littlest Pet Shop send you?

"A big house one and it's a lot of work and the small one is easy peasy pocket full of peasy" and there was a blue dude Minka and an orange cat and Mushroom Lee and Sneakers Stymie and Penny Ling. I really want Zoe and the male dog and a owl and a pink kitten. I got a little box from for Littlest Pet Shop. This is Mushroom Lee, Sneakers Stymie and they were in the box. Another box had Penny Ling and it is the Yummy Treat Bar. We can design your world in ways. The big box was Littlest Pet Shop and that was very cooler." 

What did you think when you took them out of the box? First thoughts?

"Weird. Kinda weird looking. I never had a toy, Littlest Pet Shop before. I always watch on TV and I never had the toy and they are weird looking. Weird and weird and weird."

Were they easy to assemble? Did you enjoy assembly, or would you rather been able to play?

"The big box was a lot of work it took a whole night and I got very sleepy and I had to finish before bed. Yes, I do enjoy assembly it was cute and cool at the same time. Yes, I like putting it together instead of it being together."

What did you think of these toys? Tell readers what you liked and what you didn't like.

"I didn't like the Kitery Banter name because it's very weird. I like Sunil and Minka and Penny Ling because they were friend of Blythe. I don't even know how to say Sunil's name. It's hard to spell it and even hard to say it and it was very weird. I like Sunil because Tristan's [brother's] favorite color is blue and my favorite color is pink and mommy's favorite color is purple and she doesn't like white alot. They were very weird that there were so many bits on the biggest box. There were so many mommy had to get them out while I build it. I said to mommy thank you very much. They were kinda little hard to keep up with. Just a couple is good. A lot is hard and their heads pop off. I can switch their body. The houses, the little box was so easy that there were a couple parts. I followed the instructions and I can do them any way I want. I had to follow instructions for the house kind. I don't really like blue a lot and it was weird that I got a gorilla and racoon and they are very weird".  

Will these toys replace anything you already have? Do you want more of them?

 "No, I didn't have any Littlest Pet Shop and no I don't want to get rid of some of my toys at all. Yes ma'am because I really hope there would be an owl. It's so cool and my favorie animal is an owla nd my second favorite is a kitten and my last favorite is a flamingo and I wish there was a flamingo but there is not. There are so many that I want."

Any final thoughts, ideas, recommendations for other kids and parents?

" I'm gonna give a save $10 coupon on one Littlest Pet Shop starter set and we can give it to someone...even to our friends. I recommend it and it's hard to say that word and thank you mommy for getting me Littlest Pet Shop and BzzAgent and I'm glad that my Mommy works with BzzAgent. Um, you should buy Littlest Pet Shop it's very, very cool and you might enjoy it too and I hope you enjoy it too. Thank you for reading and I hope you like this story. "

Mom's Review:

Now it's my turn! I think Lorna got a bit carried away in her first review and apparently she thinks the Littlest Pet Shop toys are "weird", but she was cute and honest which is what kids are known for! She was right, the box that came in the mail was huge! Far too big for the mailbox and I'm sure the mailman wasn't too thrilled. It was also a bit heavier than expected. Inside was the Littlest Pet Shop Style Set ($39.99 at Toy's 'R Us) which included three exclusive pets, Yummy Treat Bar with an included pet ($14.99 at Toy's 'R Us and a Pet Pawsabilites pack containing two pets.

I thought the boxes were informative and the decor designed to inspire kids to annoy or beg parents to purchase them. Basically, the external marketing was effective especially considering there was a BOGO free coupon for another pet on the box! Inside the boxes were the pets, instructions and all the plastic and cardboard parts that make up the houses and the small toys for pretend play.

Assembly was easy to follow, but took her a couple hours unassisted. She was very much distracted by the process and I had a couple hours to catch up on my own work which was nice. She'd understood that I'd not be helping her in order for me to evaluate the toy's ease of use for her age.

Once finally assembled, she was so proud of herself and spent hours a day, every day for over two weeks playing with and customizing her shop until finally the pieces were all scattered across the house and her room. This is the only issue that I had. There are pieces called 'deco bits' where you stick them in the holes to decorate either the pets or the houses. The concept is nice, such as her thinking to use the flower shaped bits to decorate the flower box on the front of the house. However, they are tiny, easily lost if she doesn't keep them in the holes and stepping on them hurts! The larger style set has a swinging front, but doesn't close tight like a box and the smaller Yummy Treat Bar is only three sided. There isn't much of a way for a child to transport or contain the animals and smaller pretend play parts which fall out upon moving the houses. The animals are cute and made of a softer plastic which was easy to hold when exchanging heads and bodies. Overall though, I do think the sets were well made and creatively designed. They are worthy of purchase if you can overlook the extravagant price tag.