Review of the Products Inside the Influenster #VitalityVoxBox

Influenster sent me the #VitalityVoxBox. Inside was various products sent free in exchange for an honest review and completing tasks.

 This is my unboxing video with my initial first impression of each product!

Here is the breakdown of the products I received:

First Degree Advanced Burn Cream: $5.97-$8.99

First Degree Burn Cream may smell like a bandage, but it's effectively reducing scars, protecting against infection and soothing the pain of burns while cooling! It's great to have in my first aid kit for cooking, beauty or other types of burns. It's perfect for on the go!


T: @First_Degree  #BurnsHappen

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance: $3.99

I've never been a fan of using tampons except for times when I am swimming and require the ability to absorb my monthly unpleasantness without worrying about the embarrassment of accidents or being stuck sitting in the heat while everyone else enjoys swimming. I liked the colorful packaging and the design of the tampon itself, but not the fact that it's scented. The smell is actually pleasant enough, but I don't enjoy chemicals and have issues with allergies so felt it best to not risk prolonged usage. My female friends were more than happy to test them and I've not heard anything except positive responses.


T: @Playtex_sport   #PlayOn

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Ceramide: $60 

Although the price tag might turn hair grey, it won't matter after using Elizabeth Arden's Flawless Future Ceramide caplet serum. I'd already been blessed with youthful skin, but truly did notice an improvement in my skin tone, firmness and loved the feeling of silky skin! The scent was subtle and the caplets created a glittery shine like crushed diamonds, but without leaving behind any residue on my skin or fingers.


T: @ElizabethArden  #FlawlessFuture

Pure Leaf Iced Tea:  $?? (retail price not on list)

Unsweetened! The only unsweet tea that isn't bitter without sugar! Epic find. The perfect tea for every season. There is something amazing in the bottle: Pure life. It's like divine intervention! Unsweetened is much healthier! :)


T: @pureleaf   #loveofleaves

Softlips Cube: $3.49

Softlips cube hydrates, replenishes and smoothes lips while protecting and adding shine...and it has the 'coolest' portable package! Likes like a super cute ice cube. My kids keep wanting it, thinking it's candy (don't worry, they don't eat it). Now they have super healthy lips and not hyper. Win! I recieved Vanilla Bean, but there is also Fresh Mint and Pomgranate Blueberry!


T: @Softlipsbalm  #GetCubed

Bikini Ready Gummies: $14.99

Although I wasn't one of the Influensters selected to receive the full size bottle, I still enjoyed two samples in the sample pack. Cherry and grape were both quick and easy to use and far healthier than getting caffeine kick via coffee and especially carbonated beverages. Neither were too sweet or sour and they actually did taste good. I actually preferred the cherry flavor over the grape flavor. I felt that grape had a bit of a subtle aftertaste. As for energy, I'd not had any tea or coffee the day of testing and did notice an improvement, but without prolonged testing there's no way to know if it was merely due to a placebo effect.


T: @bikinireadylife   #bikinireadylifestyle