Fight Heachaches and Be More Productive With Excedrin Extra Strength

What did Excedrin help me do today? With my‪ #‎HeadacheGone‬, I was able to spend time with my kids, edit photos and be productive! 

BzzAgent and Excedrin sent me the following FREE items in my BzzKit in exchange for a review:

  • A FREE 24-count box of Excedrin® Extra Strength
  • $2-off coupons to share with other headache sufferers
  • A brochure explaining the benefits of Excedrin® Extra Strength

How I spread the Bzz

I spent about 45 minutes lingering in the pharmacy section near Excedrin. I waited until I saw someone standing undecided looking at painkillers and chose those people to talk to. I told them I was a BzzAgent and received a free sample bottle of Excedrin Extra Strength and that it was seriously the best headache cure in a portable size. I gave 5 of the ones most interested a coupon and we discussed their headaches, how much more productive they could be if they could cure them and of course my results. Everyone I talked to had either endured frequent headaches or was currently enduring one to the point of being willing to try anything. They seemed very interested in how Excedrin combined Acetaminophen with Aspirin and caffeine and felt that the combination would surely fix their painful problem.

My Review

For severe headaches, Excedrin works. In high school, I dated a guy for several years who had severe headaches. The horribly painful debilitating kind that result in nausea or worse. I remember him keeping Excedrin with him for when another headache happened. They were the only thing that worked for him usually within 15-20 minutes. That was my first experience with Excedrin. Fast forward a few years to my modern existence where now I have a family with two children. I'm always getting headaches from some of their less behaved moments. Thanks to Excedrin, I can be more patient. I spend far too many hours of my free time blogging and as a photographer. Countless hours behind a computer results in headaches, muscle and body aches and fatigue. Excedrin helps temporarily cure them all. No more pain. No more distraction. Focused and productive work! My only complaint is that Excedrin contains various chemicals such as FD&C blue, polysorbate 20 and propylene glycol. I'd much prefer to have a natural remedy, but for occasional days when a plain Tylenol (Acetaminophen) isn't enough and I'm not able to rest in a dark room, I'm thankful for Excedrin's combination of Acetaminophen, Aspirin and caffeine! I've found this also works wonders for those times where you've been cutting back on the coffee and are experiencing headaches from withdrawal.

Headache Prevention Tips From Excedrin

Reduce stress and plan ahead, drink water to stay hydrated, exercise daily to relieve stress, get enough sleep at night, eat a healthy diet, massage your neck muscles to help alleviate tension and tightness.

About Excedrin

A headache can strike at any moment. And when life’s as busy as yours, nothing is more important than fast relief.

Excedrin® Extra Strength contains two pain relievers plus a booster to end headaches fast.

  • For some, relief starts in just 15 minutes
  • The triple ingredient formula contains acetaminophen and aspirin for enhanced pain relief and caffeine (an ingredient often found in prescription headache treatments) to aid relief
  • It’s available over the counter in pharmacies, retail and grocery stores nationwide
  • Prices range from $3.34 – $15.99, depending on count and where you buy

Please note: It’s important to use Excedrin® Extra Strength according to label instructions. As with any medication, if you have questions, contact your healthcare professional.

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