Review of CoolerTorch LED Flashlight Koozie Bottled Beverage Accessory

Although available in Green, Pink, Black or Purple, I ordered purple for the obvious reason that it is my favorite color. I had expected the LED to also be purple, but it cycles between clear, green and blinking red all with the push of a button hidden along the bottom edge. Despite not being a purple light, I'm extremely impressed with the brightness of the LED. I stupidly looked at it and was seeing stars for far longer than pleasant. My husband made the same idiotic mistake. The brightness is so that it can illuminate the beverage, but can also be used as a night time torch.

Vivid White


Blinking Red

For those of you who aren't big drinkers, there is an inner insert to where you can have a less stiff Koozie to hold containers and bottles of different sizes. This product would make a great nightlight for a kid's room or your own bedroom or even a late night bathroom or kitchen visit. There were no instructions provided with the product, but everything is really self-explanatory and there are tips such as the on/off switch and "Remove Screws To Insert 3AAA Batteries". I love that it has user replaceable batteries (Eco-Friendly!) and plan to buy rechargeable when they need replacement. To transport and store the Koozie, there is a nice water resistant draw string bag.

Drawstring bag, LED Koozie, Insert and bonus bottle opener LED flashlight.

Very well made!

Product quality was FAR better than expected and really was a 'cool' product! It doesn't smell horrible or feel floppy like traditional koozie items. The generous bonus of a flashlight (even has the batteries!) with a built in bottle opener was unexpected and it also fits inside the drawstring bag. The seller/manufacturer took time to follow up to verify order satisfaction so I can tell they really care about their product and customers. These would make a great gift for anyone who is into cool novelty items, collecting unique inventions, night fishing, goes to parties/clubs often, hikers, campers or anyone who is afraid of the dark! This would also be great for keeping with your emergency kit for the red flashing light or vivid white LED.

The generous bonus of a flashlight (even has the batteries!) with a built in bottle opener.

So bright to light my face at night!

Overall, I honestly can't find anything wrong with it to where I'd not want to buy one or more of them. I won't know for sure how well the Koozie keeps my drinks cold until summer returns, but even if it doesn't it's still totally 'cool' to have safer glowing drinks that are not radioactive.

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Packaging wasn't a box, but fast shipping and item was undamaged.

Packaging wasn't a box, but fast shipping and item was undamaged.


Disclaimer: I was provided a code to substantially discount/pay for my purchase in exchange for an honest review within 7 days of purchase. My only concern is with only 7 days to review, it's hard to know the longevity and durability of the material with regular usage, but this is such a cool product, it's worth the risk.