Kovot's "Gamer Salt and Pepper Shakers" - A Great Gift Idea!

My husband is a gamer and has been for as long as he can remember. I however am not a big gamer, though I do play occasionally. I'm more of a technology addict easily spending hours on my computer or mobile device. However, when I saw the promotion offering the chance to review these, I was instantly excited. Such a cool gift idea that I'd not had any clue to consider. I know there are many who collect salt and pepper shakers, but never had I seen any related to electronics. I knew I had to order these. Not just to review, but because they are unique and would be a collectable item years later...if they don't first get displayed on my husband's shelf of game and movie collectables.

I ordered via my Amazon Prime account. Their arrival was as prompt as expected and the box was undamaged with the contents wrapped well with air packs to secure and protect them. 

Packaging was secured with air packs

Packaging was secured with air packs

The box they came in was nice and strong with a glossy exterior. The inside of the box was Styrofoam cut in the shape of each salt and pepper shaker to support them securely.

The box and contents

The box and contents

There is one black and one white salt and pepper shaker. The color choice is a bit humorously fitting to the purpose of the product. Salt = white and pepper = black. They are made of ceramic and therefore breakable. Both have controls and the buttons also have paint in three colors: green, yellow and red. The exterior is glazed and without cracks, chips or blemishes. The bottom has a hole and plug for filling with salt and pepper as you would expect. The only issue I found was a slight defect on the bottom unglazed edge of the black one. However, this defect looks to be due to the manufacturing process, does not affect the usage of the product and is hidden when displayed on a shelf or in the kitchen.

Holes for salt and pepper

Slight defect on the unglazed portion next to the plug for the pepper

My husband loved the gift and remarked that it was not something he'd have expected to receive. He had zero complaints about them and was eager for me to complete my review so that they could be provided a place of honor on his collectables shelf.

So, in conclusion I recommend these if you're in the market for a creative and cool gift idea that is perfect for gamers and not at all what you'd expect to find in stores. In fact, I doubt you'd find these anywhere except online in the manufacturers Amazon listing.

I was provided a code to substantially discount/pay for my purchase in exchange for an honest review and social media tasks. This is an affiliate link, I will receive a portion of the proceeds at NO cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog.