Survival Spark - Magnesium Fire Starter

Magnesium! Love science? This is not only great for safety, it's fun with shiny sparks!!

Fire is one of the essentials for survival regardless of the weather and provides heat, a way to cook and sterilize water, light and more. Matches tend to get broken, the tips worn-off during travel or just won't strike when wet. Lighters run out of fuel or fail to light at all. Beyond grabbing a stick and twisting like some rugged native, what option is left? Magnesium! Love science? This is not only great for safety, it's fun! Sparks. Shiny sparks that actually light a fire. Be warned, patience may be needed depending upon what you choose for kindling. I usually keep dryer lint with me, but dry moss, bark, grasses or twigs are effective. Using this product had minimal learning curve. There wasn't an instructions in my package, but after a few quick strokes using the included flat blade, there were sparks. As many as I wanted! After I got the childlike glee out of my system, I had my husband (so I could take photos) make a tiny pile of magnesium shavings using the serrated edge of the flat blade and light them with a spark within minutes from when we first gathered the items needed for burning in a fire. Overall, this is a great product to have with you in your hiking, camping, fishing, photographer (that's me!) or any other type of outdoor pursuit. This is even handy to keep in your purse. However, I do wish that it had a case as I worry something may create a spark in transport. As for the compass and whistle, both are thoughtful additions and work as expected. The whistle takes a bit of practice, but is very loud. The compass required a few flicks to get moving, but tested correctly. The lanyard is very basic, but this is an outdoor item, so I didn't expect it to be fancy. Despite lacking instructions, the company actually sent an email via Amazon's email system to let me know my order was on its way and they included full instructions for the rod, whistle and compass without me even asking! So overall, no regrets and I feel safer when out hiking.

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