Simply Earth - Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil is great for relieving stress, headaches and providing overall peace. I have high levels of anxiety and stress and therefore thoroughly enjoy using peppermint oil in my daily and nightly routines for better peace and sleep. I use it on my body instead of using chemical laden perfume, to scent my homemade natural deodorant and bug repellant, add it to my Epsom salt scrub, spray in a bottle to scare away mice, rub behind my ears and on my forehead for headache pain and lately rub a drop on my gums for wisdom tooth pain and infection. It's very potent and so lasts a long time. Be VERY careful to not touch your eyes or nose as it will greatly burn and is sometimes used by actors to trigger realistic tears. I personally love the smell of peppermint. Not just for the holidays, but everyday for how fresh and relaxing the smell is and how uplifting the aroma is as it opens my nostrils and I feel the cool sensation rush to clear out my lungs just as if I was sick with a cold and required a mentholated vapor rub. Mixed with a carrier oil such as organic extra virgin coconut oil, peppermint oil works the same way. With the ability to feel cool and warm on the skin, it makes a great massage oil and pain reliever for sore muscles and tired feet.


So enough about the awesomeness of peppermint oil. What about Simply Earth's Peppermint Essential Oil? The bottle claims to be 100% pure and undiluted essential oil using steam distillation of the herb Mentha Piperita sourced from India (yay! I love India!). The aroma is sharp and minty with a bit of sweetness. It's not unlike the aroma of candy canes or peppermint candy, but with the cooling sensation one experiences when inhaling menthol. Over the years, my peppermint oil addition has lead me to many different brands. I find that some are stronger than others regardless of purity claims. Thankfully, this brand was actually quite potent. More so than I was expecting as I was provided a code to substantially discount/pay for my purchase in exchange for an honest review and social media tasks. The arrival was prompt and as expected. The bottle is well made, doesn't leak and has a nice vinyl label which doesn't get ruined by liquids. The lid is tight and doesn't suddenly bust upon closure like I've had happen with a couple other brands and there is a built in dropper to ensure only single drops are released. The aroma is strong and bright and the strength is as claimed for the potency resulted in a far more intense cooling/warming sensation than with the retail store version I'd been using previously. This of course thrilled me where I use peppermint oil for SO many things. The stronger the oil, the less I use. Thankfully, Simply Earth generously offers 15ml for a very low $6 via their website or $4.99 via Amazon (shipping may vary with either location).

Also, there is an added bonus! By supporting Simply Earth, you're supporting their mission to be World Changers as they "donate 13% of profits to organizations committed to serving others." The month my review bottle was sent was in support of helping end Human Trafficking. When you visit their website, look for the newsletter popup to GET 10% off your order. 7.5% of every purchase goes to an awesome cause of the month so be a World Changer and sign up!!!

For essential oils and many other products, visit Simply Earth online.

I was provided a code to substantially discount/pay for my purchase in exchange for an honest review and social media tasks. 

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