Glasgow Fire Department

June 12th, 2012, I documented live firefighter training in the interior and exterior of Glasgow High School which was pending demolition. The exterior temperature was already humid, but with the electricity turned off, the lack of air and ventilation resulted in dusty and suffocating air. The darkness required flashlights to illuminate the interior already hazy from artificial fog used to simulate smoke. Later, the floor held several inches of water as they did training with the ladder's hose. I did my best to stay out of their way, but they were always mindful of my safety and provided me many opportunities to photograph. It was a dangerous, yet rewarding experience with a rare glimpse inside the 'brotherly' bond Firefighters share.

I was later honored to document CPAT test inside Bales Warehouse & attendance at Camp TJ. These photos are being better organize and are coming soon to my portfolio.

Client: Jeff 'Tree' Thompson and Craig Hiser, approved by Chief Tony Atwood