I won a print of "End Of Season" by Dark Artist Heather Gleason!

The winner post (screenshot below) on Facebook is no longer on the page.
My Facebook message was replied to June 3rd 2015: "Hi Amber I am going through EVERY SINGLE EMAIL for the past three months. I got sick and lost track of a lot of things. Did you ever receive your print?" I let her know that I had not and there was no reply. The page mentions illness, so I have hope that this delay is unintentional. I will update when and IF my print arrives.

Earlier tonight, I won a print of "End Of Season" by dark artist Heather Gleason!

"In this image It shows a Hearse moving along slowly as Pumpkin People say good bye to what would be the final day of the Halloween Season. These Pumpkin People hold their heads low as they say Good Bye once again to the Season that brings them to life." - myeclecticmind.com

Heather Gleason Facebook Contest Giveaway
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When I first discovered Heather's work, I found it to be a beautiful menagerie of dark whimsy. I left those exact words as a comment to her page and actually received a reply back.


I was impressed with her creative vision. Halloween is my most favorite holiday and much of her creations remind me of that gloriously dark and haunting holiday. I had no way of knowing then that fate would result in a chance to win one of her works or that I'd be successfully able to know the answer in time. I tried on a few of the prints offered in her contest and was ironically luck in the very last one.

As soon as it comes in, I'll update this post with photos of my print and my thoughts regarding the quality and dark whimsy it captures and will post my review below!