Thank You Mailman, Freebies Make My Day

Today, I lingered in lazy mode for most of the day until finally going to get the mail. I enjoyed the momentary beauty outdoors as I risked my existence crossing the highway. I was annoyed, because the mailbox door was half open. Fearing the worse for the contents, I checked the highway and accompanying ditch for mail remains. Happy to see no sign of damaged mail, I peeked inside my mailbox to see a package from Influenster, a bag from Pura Vida Bracelets and a few random envelopes of regular junk mail and bills.


I wasn't expecting anything from Influenster, so I rushed back to the safety of my humble abode so that I could open my packages. I'd forgotten that weeks ago, I won an Influenster mug during a Twitter party!

I was so relieved to find my freebie undamaged despite my idiotic shaking of the 'mystery' box where I'd forgotten to expect my package. Oops. :) Thankfully, it was adequately protected by bubble wrap and shipping peanuts...which my cats were more than happy to pounce before I threw them safely away for recycling in the trash rather than their stomachs.

The reverse of the card says: "Winning isn't everything except when it is. Your hard work has paid off and you, my friend, are an official Influenster Champion. Go ahead: Take a peek inside, then share the spoils of victory on your social media networks with the hashtag #InfluensterChamp. Because if you win something, but no one knows about it...did you really even win?" So of course, I'm more than happy to brag about my freebie and provide extra advertising to Influenster. It's a win-win situation right?

Pura Vida

As for my Pura Vida package, it was my long overdue rep kit. I'd been approved as a rep in September 2014, but somehow my kit was forgotten. I emailed to inquire rep kit status and was told that they'd get one to me right away. Happily, it arrived within the same month of my email so I was very pleased to not have another torturous delay waiting for my rep kit.

Everything in my rep kit: five bracelets, three stickers, three square cards and three code sharing cards.

Everything in my rep kit: five bracelets, three stickers, three square cards and three code sharing cards.

I had no way to know what would be inside my rep kit. Every kit photo I've seen posted online by other reps had a menagerie of stickers, buttons, bracelets and other items that was never the same. My kit contained: Hakuna Matata, Grapevine, Fun In The Sun, Arctic Chiller and Changing Tides. If you'd like to know more about Pura Vida Bracelets, I posted a full review that you can check out sometime soon. Or right now. Really, you know you want to know more about these awesome bracelets that donate to charity and have endured my hiking and photographic adventures for over a year now! :)

So, now I can only wonder what tomorrow's mail will bring. Another freebie? More fun? Wait, of course...tomorrow is Sunday. There is no mail. Which is probably for the best since most of the time, mail doesn't contain such epic freebies and instead provides irritation and a bad day via bills and or nature destroying junk mail. So, for me...I think I'll enjoy a stress free day in nature.