Review of Calvin Klein REVEAL Men Fragrance

I received this product compliments of Influenster in exchange for an honest review.

My sample of REVEAL Men was long lasting and sensual. I find the scent to be very unisex. Designed for men, but can be worn by women. I'm not a fragrance addict nor do I have much knowledge regarding fragrances, but this one was different than I was expecting. Most have a fake alcohol smell or are just too overpowering. Somehow, this scent was both masculine and feminine, soft and strong, sensual and inviting and surprisingly long-lasting without leaving behind an unpleasant aroma as with some fragrances from prolonged wear. Would I buy it? Probably not, but only because I prefer natural scents such as peppermint oil. Should you buy it? If you want a fragrance that will work for all occasions then this is a perfect fit.

Check out this effectively seductive video. Meow!

I don't know about you, but the video is intriguing enough to inspire interest in trying this fragrance...and maybe a bit more. :) Of course, I have my husband for that. As for his opinion, it's not something he would wear because he's never been one to wear fragrances, but he did find the scent to be pleasing and would recommend it. He also considered the fragrance to be unisex and long-lasting. I found the fragrance to be adaptable to the wearer's natural scent as well.

From Calvin Klein

The exhilarating partner to the inviting and flirtatious REVEAL women. REVEAL men captures the tension between instant attraction and playful seduction - a vibrant freshness wrapped in an addictive, woody signature. It is a salty, oriental fragrance with the combination of crystallized ginger, raw salt and vetiver offering a new signature play between freshness and seduction. Available Nationwide April 2015. Retails for $42.00 - $80.00.


Scent Description

  • top notes: crystalized ginger, lentisque essence, pear brandy
  • mid notes: raw salt signature, agave nectar, kiwano
  • end notes: haitian vetiver, vintage vanilla bean, golden amber

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Unboxing the Influenster Calvin Klein Reveal Men VoxBox

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