A Night Without Hot Water - Part 1

Glasgow Water Company was working on a line break down the road today. Without warning, there was no water being supplied to my home in strange on and off intervals. The inconvenience, was more troubling than usual due to the time of day. It was around 10-11am, right when my husband takes his shower getting ready for work. I remember hearing him yell "Whooo!" and then he suddenly streaked through the house to the warm sunshine outside. Apparently, he'd bravely endured an icy cold shower. I definitely didn't envy him at that moment. I personally find cold water showers to be an almost painful sensation, though I do find immense pleasure from taking a hot bath or spending time in a sauna (until I'm hot and sweaty) and then jumping into a cold lake or pool.


Somehow, the outage killed my water heater this time. I thought maybe he'd used up the water in the water heater for his shower, but he never turned on the hot. I called them just to seek guidance regarding cause and repair and was happily surprised at the kindness of GWC to offer to replace the element which was their assumption of the most likely reason the water heater had failed. Apparently, when water is shut off, in some rare cases the element can burn out due to water leaving the water heater. Some say to turn off your water heater at the breaker when you notice the water is off, but then what do you do when you're not at home during an outage? Yikes.

GWC recommended two different people for repairing the water heater. Thomas & Williams Plumbing and Botts. I called Thomas & Williams first. Brad answered and after I told him that **** **** at GWC had recommended him, I told him about the issue. He was very helpful and friendly and although he tried to move around his schedule, he was unavailable until 9am tomorrow morning.

So, no hot water until repaired tomorrow morning, but since GWC is kindly reimbursing the expense, I definitely can't complain. It's been a long time since I've had to boil water for sponge baths and washing hands. The kids don't know what to think! I'm quite tempted to unplug everything and use candles to show them what it was like in the old days.

The irony is, we only really want something when it's gone. I'm boiling my 8th pot of water determined to enjoy a hot aromatherapy bath with candles tonight one way or another! :)

Check back HERE on my blog tomorrow for results of the repair and my thoughts on Thomas & Williams Plumbing.