SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes

I'm a Smiley360 member and regularly complete surveys to see if I am a good fit for various brands. Products are then sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review and sharing tasks such as feedback on social media.

First Impression

The red layer is very subtle, almost a bit flavorless and not really what you'd expect considering its bright happy candy red color. The texture is soft and smooth and easy to chew although can get stuck a bit in teeth as with any soft and chewy type of candy. The inner layer holds the cherry punch flavor. It's a bit tart like a cherry without being too intense, though it is a bit sour if eaten without the outer layer. These layers were edible independently (yes I dissected one poor rope), but also compliment each other well. The overall texture reminded me of CowTails, but without the inside being as fluffy, instead more like that of gum without the stretch. Honestly, these are a bit interesting to attempt to describe and are worthy of them being tried for yourself.

Lorna's Thoughts: "It's cool looking and it's red and I know the inside is white and it kinda remind me of candy cane and it really, really is....*sniffs* don't smell?! Mmmm....*chewing* good tasting, I like it. My tongue is used to it after one bite. It tastes sour and sweet, but mostly sour. Tastes like strawberry and raspberry together". She also took bites and picked at it with her fingers.

Tristan's Thoughts: "What is that? IT looks like a piece of candy or something else, but I don't know". Strawberry? Looks and smells like strawberry too." He smiled and jumped up and down once and said, "I liked it!" Asked me if could take another small bite. Said it tasted like strawberry and lemon. He bit the rope and also picked at it with his fingers. Kept wanting to know where I got them and what they were all while eating it quickly like a vacuum eats dust.

Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

Serving size:  3 ropes, Calories: 140, Total Fat: 0g, Sodium: 85mg, Carbs: 34g, Sugars 23g, Protein: 0g. Sugar, wheat flour, corn syrup, and less than 2% water, citric acid, sorbitol, maltodextrin, sodium citrate, glycerin, malic acid, natural flavors, gelatin, salt, vegetable juice color, confectioner's glaze (lac-resin). Contains: wheat ingredient.

Final thoughts

When looking for a soft and chewy licorice style candle, these are a great option. They are free of Red #40 and other dyes and don't have the issue with being hard or tough like licorice tends to be. I definitely love that this candy is free of dyes, but do wish that they'd also made them gluten free and not used other chemical additives such as sorbital and maltodextrin.

Would I buy them? Most likely if I was wanting something sweet and tangy for a quick treat with less guilt. I don't often eat candy, but if I did these are worthy of consideration. Regularly.

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Face2Face Report: While in the Wal-mart checkout line, I shared my experience with the free sample of SweetTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes I received as a Smiley360 member. There was a mixture of parents with kids and also a couple older people and teens. The older people had no interest. The parents were coerced into interest by their children and the teens were quick to ask questions. The teens said they reminded them of Kazoozles which I'd not known about. Both the teens and the parents ended up trying a pouch since they were available at the register (which is why I talked about it). I told them they were healthier than typical candy because of the lack of dyes and why they are bad for the body. When asked how they taste, my daughter spoke for me and said they were awesome. I elaborated and told them the outside is a bit plain, but not tasteless and the inside was a bit more tart. They were mostly interested in the taste.