Covergirl SuperSize Mascara Mini-Review

I'm an Influenster and regularly complete surveys to see if I am a good fit for various brands. Products are then sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review and sharing tasks such as feedback on social media.

Normally, I'm sent free products to try in a VoxBox, but I purchased this one for the VirtualVox due to being nearly out of my mascara. I'd probably not tried it otherwise, as I tend to stick with effective favorites.

Upon arrival at Walmart, It was almost sold out despite being nearly $6 a tube. With that kind of price, it better work right? Long story short, it works and works well. The only complaint I have is for a mascara, it has a bit of a learning curve, which isn't the curve I was expecting. Initial impression was that it applied far too much to my lashes. I didn't give up and kept removing and reapplying until I was satisfied. Once you get the hang of it, your lashes with gloriously represent the pleasures of false lashes without the risk of them falling off to the dusty oblivion below. Definitely worth the purchase, but would be better if had a built in lash separator for those times in a hurry where the brush applies heavy.

The before and after.

The before and after.

As for removal and longevity, this one does last well and still is removed easily. It holds up better than expected if accidentally fall asleep and wear overnight, but does become a bit crusty despite still being easy to remove. Raccoon eyes will happen if worn in the shower, but this mascara lasts well despite sports and other physical activities that result in sweating. I've not yet tested the effectiveness while swimming, but despite the longevity, am sure that simplicity of removal is a sign than swimming would be a bad idea.

In conclusion, I recommend this mascara for those times where you need something dark and dramatic like falsies and have the time to ensure full lash separation.

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