Speeding Parents and Perfect Attendance Unfairness

I'm annoyed. What a great way to start the day. As a parent, I witness something every morning that makes me frustrated. Parents driving faster than safe in an attempt to get their kids to school on time and for some to get to work after. Today, I watched countless parents speeding around like they were auditioning for NASCAR. Seriously, what the heck are they thinking? Would these same parents feel ok with their babysitter or a stranger driving this way? Countless mornings on my way to drop my kids off at school, I will nearly have to take the ditch to avoid my HHR becoming a twisted mass of metal due to some rushed morning commuter driving too fast and often far outside their side of the road. It may be a backroad without yellow lines for guidance, but have some common sense. When there is a sharp curve or hill with a blind spot, don't be stupid. Stay on your half of the road and don't ride someone's bumper in case they have to stop suddenly as I did this morning for some daredevil canine car chaser.

This situation is an issue because in the mornings, most people are half awake. Our reflexes are less effective. Our ability to focus and react is compromised. The worst part is our children or other children could potentially be hurt or killed all because of someone in a hurry. If schools didn't force the issues of tardy/absent/perfect attendance, then there would be less pressure and less rushing to be exactly on time. I understand the logic of ensuring kids attend school because there are many lazy parents out there, but is it worth the cost of a child's health or life or even that of the parent driving or anyone innocent? We need a solution.

Schools also put so much pressure on attendance that when a child is truly sick, they lose their perfect attendance and the accompanying rewards. This results in a child who hides illnesses or when they are already sick spend their time resting crying and upset and then upset again during school when the rewards are announced and they are left out. The same situation applies to a child that has required Occupational Therapy or psychiatrist appointments. This too needs to change. A child should want to go to school and be rewarded for attendance, but when there is a situation outside of their control such as illness (verified by a doctor) and required appointments with services that only are open for business during school hours, then WHY punish the child?? Why give the parent the stress of trying to console a child that already loves school and doesn't understand why they are being punished for something they didn't do wrong and can't control?? We need changes.

Parents, please consider the safety of your children and of the other lives on the road. It's better to be late than to be dead or to have hurt or killed someone else. There's always another year for perfect attendance, but only one life to live. Be safe out there.

What are your thoughts? I reflected on this while driving back home this morning and thought I'd get this mini rant off my mind.