How the Death of an Alligator Ruined My Day

This makes me so angry. Why did they have to kill it just because it was located in an area where people go for fun? It could've been relocated. Another 'conservation' officer killed a mountain lion in an area that they are known to be rare. A bear was shot because it killed an elderly man though it was protecting its cub. Why do humans feel the need to control nature? To overpower the existence of the creatures we share the world with? We share this planet. What gives humans the right to kill an animal just because it exists? Whenever you explore nature, you take the risk of death. There are more things than can kill us than just alligators, mountain lions and bears. I don't see humans promoting mass extinction of mosquitoes, yet they kill via malaria and other diseases, same for ticks with Lyme disease and other co-infections. How I wish Steve Irwin had not died. We need more people in the world who truly care about nature and the delicate balance between species on a planet we all share. It is us who destroy. Look up the effects of animal agriculture (the kind that produces eggs, meat for stores) on the environment. How many trees are cut down for paper because we waste so much? How many are planted? How many of us could minimize our existence and lesson our impact on the planet? Most don't even care. Life might be short to where most feel there is no point, but what about future generations? We should have the responsibility to care for nature.

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