On This Day - September 30th, 2012

September 30th, 2012 I was unable to sleep. Writing soothes a troubled mind, so here is a poetic musing I'd posted on Facebook as a status which was rediscovered tonight because of Facebook's 'On This Day' feature. Ironically, this is actually relevant to my current situation.

"How can one complain of loneliness in the silence when it is itself a companion? To lie awake for hours pondering the fate created by the bars you've welded. Even regret is a companion. There is always a soulmate who most of the time thinks the same. A doppelganger for the soul who must be found or if known never forgotten...the truth in existence is the fate to one day die. With certainty, life and death are the soul-mates to which we are all connected. So how can anyone ever be alone when we coexist with time? Will you change your stars and live a thriving, passionate life before your gray days or merely survive with the burden of a lifetime of regret?"

"When tears fog your windows you only see the past instead of that which is outside the glass. The future awaits, but you must break free and run to the sun. Feel the warmth on your skin, drink it in and embrace the freedom...for if you don't, the stale air shall become your tomb. Silence and darkness the reality. Such a life is no life at all, but hell in a new dimension. Look to the stars and break free or die trying. Never look back or you shall fall deep into the dark abyss..."

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