Source: Soul Gaze Photography, LLC

I feel myself fading...alone at the edge of a forest, surrounded by silence. Multiple facets of color surround me. Each one unique and shining bright in the sunlight. Rays of light break through the thick canopy. My vivid color is slipping away. I am dying. The wind no longer softly kisses my skin. The rain no longer gently dancing around me. I watch everything I know slip away to the darkness below. Fear overtakes me for a brief moment. I hold on wanting to survive, to be the last. I fight to be strong and hold on. The deafening silence is so lonely. The view is not the same without a companion. For what in nature is truly alone with no mate to make it a pair or create another? Like an endangered species I let fall to the earth below. Not content to be alone. Soft as a feather I land among my ancestors as the wind blows me into the next unknown...