Beautiful Frost

Here in Kentucky, the weather has been 'unseasonably' warm for weeks. Christmas Eve was in the upper 60's to lower 70's, providing the weather for some lovely warm hiking. It felt like spring and sounded like spring. Then, without warning...winter attacked and won. Last night was forecast to be 15 degrees, but reached even single digits in some places with a thin dusting of snow here while other locations farther north such as Louisville reaching around 2 inches of snow according to my Aunt who resides there.

This morning, I braved the painful cold for a few photos using my iPhone 6 Plus. It was so bitterly cold, such a harsh cold after the recent warmth, that I had no intention of getting out my big camera. Until I got outside and saw the beauty up close. Such high quality and delicate frost in SO many forms. I captured many beautiful things with my phone and excitedly ran inside for my camera gear and a thick shirt to lay on.

Once back outside, I lay on my stomach to capture the beauty of the frost on the blades of grass as the golden sun rose higher. My fingers became numb. Despite my scarf, my nose was running and I was unable to do anything about it. My thighs began to ache. My toes too. Despite this, I was determined to capture at least a few photos. I wasn't giving up. I photograph in all weather and I wasn't about to let sudden cold win. Then, I finally got what I was seeking. Inspired, I suddenly forgot the cold and progressed to capture a few more photos using my 100mm macro for the details and 50mm 1.4 for freelensing. I took a few with my new Sigma 35mm, but wanted to focus more on the details than anything.

Afterwards, I was so numb and excited that I rushed inside, slipping on the linoleum floor of my utility room, kicked the offending shoes across it and ran to my office. I quickly began editing the images I captured. I wish now that I'd stayed longer, for in only a couple hours of editing, the beautiful white snow and frost had melted away in the sunlight despite the cold air lingering.

iPhoneography via iPhone 6 Plus: 

Canon 5D Mark III Photos: