Mamaway Postnatal Recovery & Support Belly Band

This review is for all the moms out there which a bit of fluff to lose whether directly after birth or even years later. All except the most lucky of women endure a bit of added weight around the abdomen as a result of pregnancy. It's just a natural expectation when you carry something inside your body that stretches your skin and results in weight gain. For many women, this extra weight is quickly lost after childbirth. Yet, for the rest of us not chiseled out of marble, we require a bit of precision in handling the issue. Enter belly support bands. Such products exist to increase and hasten a successful recovery and support both our backs and our skin as our bodies work to heal and repair the damage.


I wasn't exactly dressed to impress, but the Mamaway Belly Band was obviously slimming even on my first attempt to wear it! With additional practice, it was even more effective!



Far-Infrared Tech, bacteria & dust mite resistant, breathable and antibacterial nano bamboo charcoal, hand washable, adjustable and flexible without shifting, available in three sizes (M, L and XL).

"Supports your uterus, abdomen, pelvis, back and spine post pregnancy by applying compression on the pelvic/ abdominal area to hold the expanded uterus wall, loose skin and muscles postpartum. Assists you in getting strength back in your core area, can also be used to stabilise your abdomen and surgical wound after c-section or as back support while breastfeeding or carrying your baby. " -

Materials: 12% Polyester, 48% Nylon, 20% Rubber, 20% Bamboo Charcoal.


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Final Thoughts

I chose a large to test and review and wore mine nearly daily for several weeks. I discovered that wearing it strengthened my back and pelvic area while providing me with a slim silhouette under clothes and thankfully without make it obvious that it was worn as with some I've tried that fold and bunch up. I don't know much about the science of the nano bamboo charcoal, but the claims to odor control proved true as well. Despite sweating and even wearing for light exercise, there were no issues. Even had there been, it is hand washable with a neutral detergent, warm water and allowed to dry naturally in a cool area. It may not be attractive, but the material is soft and comfortable without being scratchy despite the strange texture of the bamboo charcoal weave. I love how adjustable it is and how it can be customized for a more secure fit with the 3 way Velcro. My only real issue was that it's not very attractive to look at in regards to visibility if seen by a spouse, friend or family, but when worn under clothes as intended, it's not noticeable so attractiveness is no longer relevant. I do worry about the effectiveness of the Velcro or damage to the material with long-term usage, but despite daily use have no seen significant wear or damage. I would have to wear it longer to determine the effect on weight loss, but when wearing it, I found that my appetite is better controlled and I feel slimmer upon removal, though admit it could just be wishful thinking. In the end, I definitely recommend this to women who need the extra support and I wish I'd had it back when I had a traumatic emergency cesarean with my second child. I can imagine it would have greatly assisted with my recovery and provided support to ease my pain and strengthen key areas I healed. Basically, all the benefits of a corset without the discomfort.

Ironically, I injured my back a couple weeks ago when bending over. While crawling on the floor in agony, I remembered my belly band and how it forced better posture while working on my computer. I had a realization that perhaps it could help me heal faster and thankfully I was right! The band provided the support I needed without the stiffness of my old back brace. It's become a friend to me though I'll always love the beauty of a full corset, I am thankful such products exist and that I was provided the opportunity to review and own it for myself. I am confident that months from now I'll be slimmer, stronger and healthier! 


Shipped promptly with airbag protection. As this was for a review, full purchase presentation shipping quality may be more refined, but this was effective and arrived safely.

I personally love foreign things, but some may be concerned by the label. I however have found no issues with the quality being as claimed.

Not fancy or pretty, but effective!


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