RIP Gizmo

"One of the worst feelings in the world is watching a pet dying, helpless to stop it. Sand is almost out of his hourglass. I can only provide comfort, but instead he wants solitude...may this be over soon." Posted on my Facebook: October 20 at 5:38am  Update: 12:30pm "RIP Gizmo.... 😔😢😭" -

"RIP of my three musketeers I've had since high school. When I have the emotional strength, I'll post about his life on my blog. For now, time to accept this numbing pain and do what must be done. I am so afraid to tell the kids tonight. This will be their first real pet loss. We lost outdoor rabbits, but Giz was with them indoors since birth." Posted on my Facebook: October 20 at 12:50pm