Death If Left Untreated


There are many things in life that can hurt us. Physically. Emotionally. Yet despite the obvious risk to mortality with physical harm, emotional does the most damage. Most wounds heal or you learn to adapt such as in the case of losing sight or after an amputation. Emotional damage is invisible to friends, family, coworkers, clients and strangers. The damage heals slowly as there is minimal to non-existent support from others who we expect would be there for a more 'obvious' injury.

Why is this the truth? Should not society better recognize the pain and assist with healing? Often, the wound is internal and so unknown, but even when made known, society makes a martyr of those who are suffering. This stigma needs to change. We all have bad days, some of us just have had so many bad days in a short time that it becomes increasingly harder to handle the effects. It's like a wound that doesn't get cleaned out and repeatedly gets dirt on it and the skin pulled to where it can't heal. Eventually, wounds that don't receive proper care require medical intervention. This is a simple and obvious reality with external injuries, but why not with those that are internal and can also result in death if left untreated?