Amneal Pharmaceuticals - Commercial Realty Photography

A few quick photos of Amneal Pharmaceuticals LLC, at 40 Aberdeen Drive Glasgow KY, as requested by a Dustin Javitch, a Broker with Marcus and Millichap of Ohio. These photos were exterior only, taken after hours by client's request. I do wish I'd been familiar with the terrain and arrived earlier in the day due to light rapidly declining in the fall season. Learning lesson for me, but images did serve client's purpose as he'd requested nothing fancy, just a few quick photos for a PDF he was drafting. Of course, he didn't know that I knew these images would also be utilized in the PDF brochure and listing to help sell the property, which was most likely worth over a million dollars. I'm happy to add another commercial property to my portfolio, but will always be curious about the interior.

This property is currently on the market. More details can be found here: