AMF Lipstick Review

Ever wear black lipstick for halloween? Those who have remember the deep dark color and perhaps have wished for the richness and depth to be obtained in the variety of brands and colors on the market. Sadly, most lip colors are far less pigmented unless you spend large amounts of money for the premium luxury lipstick marketed to the rich and famous. Ok, not really. There's plenty of luxurious colors even in drugstore health and beauty departments. However, to find trendsetting, bold colors in not a common thing when shopping. However, black, other dark colors and even multicolor designs and ombre effects are trending, so now is the perfect time for products such as AMF's Lipstick.


AMF Lipstick posted a campaign on Tomoson looking for bloggers for the release of their recently released cosmetic line of lipstick colors. Intrigued, I decided to apply to test and review. My first impression of the campaign was of concern as they'd chosen a multi-product image without specifying if bloggers would receive one or multiple products. The promise of intense pigmentation still intrigued me as did a quick exploration of their social media pages. So I took a risk and applied. Once approved, I was provided access to a private blogger only area on their website, so that I could purchase my choice of the product. It was however, only a discount and still a bit pricey for review purposes. As hard as it was to decide, I only chose one item. Black Widow. Retail: $18 + shipping. Browsing the store, adding to cart and purchasing was fast and easy. Payment was through PayPal. I'd also signed up for the newsletter, so used the discount for new subscribers. Speaking of website, I only have one complaint which is fairly important considering the product. The majority of images are of an identical image with photoshopped color representation on the lips. I'd prefer to see each color as it represents on real people of different skin tones. Hopefully they'll be doing this soon as the postcard was gorgeous. 

Shipping & Packaging

I was charged $6.99 for shipping, but upon arrival, the package showed $2.62 and came from Oklahoma to Kentucky. I feel I was overcharged for shipping. I've heard of Ebay sellers who overcharge for profit, but they do have this rate listed on their website. It would be a good idea to remove the price from the envelope. They offered free shipping for bloggers when ordering, but I missed that part of the email in my excitement to order. Since my order did have 'Blogger Opportunity' on the reciept, it would've been nice for the shipping charge to have been caught by AMF and refunded upon fulfillment. I wish now that I'd noticed the free shipping offer, as I'd purchased more than one color had I known.

My item arrived quickly inside a black plastic bubble wrap mailer. I adored the color choice as it matches AMF's current branding. However, I would've liked the lipstick to have been packaged more securely,  although it didn't get damaged. I did discover a business card was tapped on the return address area of the mailer. I don't know if this was on purpose or being lazy. Their address label was attached to the back side in the same manner. I'd rather had a few cards inside to share with others to promote the product which is the whole point of the campaign. There was however a postcard with a professional photo of a gorgeous lavender haired model wearing lipstick in the ombre style effect. The flip side describes AMF Lipstick and shows other colors.  


The product itself which was surrounded by a black napkin with tape to hold it together. The tube was hygienically sealed in plastic showing it was new and unused. The lipstick is firmly inserted into the tube which is a long cylinder instead of being the shape of 'classic' lipstick. In a makeup bag, it could be confused for a different product and when out of the bag has the issue of easily rolling. The lipstick end is pre tapered to be ready for application and there is no odor or appearance of cracks or dryness. Application when done on pre-exfoliated and moisturized lips goes on smooth and rich. The pigmentation is definitely impressive and well crafted. The longevity however needs improvement. I was unable to wear without smearing accidently and unable to kiss for obvious reasons. I loved the way it looked on my lips, especially with being matte, but really miss the staying power of my current favorite. Also, it's been SO long since I've worn such a dark shade, I need to better moisturize the edges of my lips or get a black liner as my line wasn't nearly as professional as I'd like for it to be.


Overall, the presentation and packaging needs improvement as does the longevity. As for value, I find it to be luxuriously pigmented, but small in size and first impression. I paid a double digit price (after shipping) for a single digit sized product. Once these areas are improved, I'd have zero concern with stocking up and would SO love to try every single color they offer. The artist inside me is thrilled there are companies providing such creative options. I was very impressed with the quality of the lipstick itself otherwise and do recommend you try AMF Lipstick if you have money in your beauty budget for playing with. Also, according to the FAQ on their website, AMF is NOT animal tested and is made in the USA.

My skintone is pale and I primarily wear black and grey, olive green, jewel tones such as purple, teal and various shades of each. Jewelry is typically silver or bronze. Gold and white look horrible on me as does maroon, beige and similar tones. My hair is currently red and I am able t pull off most colors though avoid yellow and green by personal choice. If this describes you, this lipstick will look amazing if you're the edgy type. It will probably work for other skintones as it is a neutral, dark color.  

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Disclaimer: I'm a member of Tomoson, a review website where members receive discounted or free products in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and social media tasks. This product was discounted and I won't receive any additional compensation.