Review of Trojan's Most Epic, Luxurious Liquid!

TROJAN™ Arouses* & Intensifies is like warm, liquid silk. Long-lasting and clean feeling. It's quite luxurious in both use and retail price, but the only disappointment you'll feel is when you run out. I was impressed by the quality and longevity. It's the best on the market in my opinion. I'd always preferred organic, extra virgin unrefined coconut oil - until now. The bottle is sexy in design, but leaves a bit to be desired. It's easy opening for quick access during passionate conversations, but is not ideally packaged for portability. The lid could easily pop open in a purse. The container also becomes quite slippery, but of course should be cleaned after usage anyway. I have sensitive skin and require sensitive skin products such as dye and fragrance free detergents and this product did not bother me which was many fun ways. The warming sensation is similar to that resulting from mentholated products such as peppermint oil, but without being painful, too intense or reducing sensation. There was no odor and it really is clear as water. After usage, there is no dirty, sticky feeling and cleanup is almost as fun as getting dirty.


I was provided a free, full-size product sample in exchange for an honest review and social media tasks.