InterDesign Sponge and Scrubber Holder via mDesign

2017 UPDATE: Less than a year later, this item rusted severely and so the metal part was unusable. While the metal part was in, there was frequently issues with black mold on the metal surface with odor, despite regular cleaning. Once the metal part was removed, the issues stopped, but I don't like my sponge sitting in water. I now use the plastic portion (still sturdy and clear) to hold a cube of french soap. Works great. The plastic scrubber STILL works and stays clean. I use it to remove stuck on food prior to cleaning with a Estracell sponge. I store it in vinegar water to prevent mildew and sterilize.

For what it is, the sponge/scrubber holder is made well and works just fine. It's completely clear and good quality plastic. It's not that cheap, thin plastic that would break under the slightest pressure. The metal holder is powder coated, matte silver and all edges are smooth with no jagged cheaply cut drain holes or edges. The holder fits perfectly inside. Not too tight or loose. However, the entire holder is far smaller than I'd thought it would be. The photos represented the quality, but not the size. Without size reference, I was expecting more. There are dimensions in the description, so my fault for not looking there. It is however plenty big enough to hold traditional size sponges with ease, though half inside and half sticking up out of it. Though this airflow is probably better for mold/mildew control. The holder helps drain the sponge and keep it away from gross water which is a reason I wanted one. The included black sponge wasn't something I felt I needed, but thoughtful for them to include. However, I am particular with the sponges I use on my cookware and haven't even tested it yet. It's quite firm and made of hard enough plastic that I'm sure it would be handy for baked on messes, but I have no idea if it would scratch or not. For the retail price, I'm not sure that I'd pay that much for this item based upon the size alone and I'd rather see it without the sponge 'freebie' if the omission could result in a cheaper retail price. Otherwise, it's made well and looks nice in my kitchen.


I was provided a code to substantially discount/pay for my purchase in exchange for an honest review and social media tasks.