Try This New Line for Beautiful Hair by TRESemmé! #ReverseYourRoutine



Reverse your routine with TRESemmé! Condition and then shampoo (really!) using the new Beauty-Full Volume line.

Hair is one of a woman's most important beauty features. Long or short, we all desire beautiful hair. Once we've found product perfection, it's hard to go back to something that didn't work well or try something new with fear that trying will ruin the delicate balance of hair perfection. As a business owner and mother, I'm far too busy to take such risks. Yet, occasionally there comes a need to change things up, or in this case to #reverseyourroutine.

Everyone knows to shampoo then condition. Since like forever that's what we've been taught. When I was selected to test and review TRESemmé! new Beauty-Full Volume line, I was instantly intrigued. Seriously, they want me to condition first?? Like whoa. Hello greasy or dry.

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My VoxBox arrived. Inside was two full size products. The 16.5oz conditioner with a pump top and the 25oz shampoo with a squeeze top. For the life of my I can not determine WHY they would have a pump top for one and not both. Totally frustrating. The bottles are otherwise solid and good quality. The smell was my first consideration as I do have perfume sensitivity. After using both for over a month I'm thrilled that I finally found a scented system that doesn't result in headaches or allergic reactions. My husband loves the smell of my hair. It's driving him crazy trying to figure out what I'm doing differently that makes me smell so good. He has been far more interested in my lately and this is one result of usage which all ladies can appreciate.


The Conditioner (Step 1)

Condition to soften

This is a pre-wash conditioner. The bottle claims that traditional conditioner can weigh hair down when used after shampooing and to leave 2-3 pumps in your hair for 1 minute, then rinse. I have shoulder-blade length hair, so I needed more than 2-3 pumps despite my hair being thin. The bottle is far smaller than the shampoo so my concern is with how much I'll be buying replacements compared to the shampoo. The conditioner has a different scent than the shampoo, though oddly they compliment each other.

The Shampoo (Step 2)

Shampoo to wash away weight

This is a shampoo. Nothing fancy here, except the texture. It has the most thick luxurious lather I've ever experienced in a shampoo. Another plus, a little bit goes a long way. Instructions say to begin with the pre-wash and lather from root to tip then rinse. Nothing fancy. The scent is reminiscent of apples. Not overly potent, just enough to remind me.



After 1 month

I have self-maintained dyed hair. This means I cut and dye my own hair. The last thing I want is a product that damages my hair or strips away my hairdye. I can honestly say that my hair is softer and more manageable than prior to reversing my routine and though it is minimal, there is some stripping of hair dye. I would love to see a 'color safe' addition to this line. I've not yet tried it on recently dyed hair, so am nervous as to whether or not the color would be retained. When I received my bottles, I'd already dyed my hair a couple months ago. 


Final Judgement

Overall, the concept is awesome. Unique and creative. As a consumer, I have no way to know if I'm being 'tricked' and the ingredients show a secret that the steps are still the same or not. I do know that switching was an easy process and worth any initial confusion or reluctance. The only complaints for me are: not being color safe, not having both bottles with a pump top and the overall size for the price which was just under $5 at my local Walmart. However, despite these minor complaints, I adore the scent and my husband's 'friendly' reaction to it, the luxurious lather is something I look forward to and my hair is softer and easier to manage than before. It is also less oily, though a bit dry which is hard to explain. I of course deep condition with coconut oil a couple times a month as needed and add a few drops of almond oil to damp hair. Oh and yes, #reverseyourroutine is kid approved. I on my daughter's hair. She has thicker hair than I do, but it tangles SO easily. She had zero complaints about the smell and also noticed a slight apple scent. After her hair air-dried, it was SO soft and shiny, but the crazy part was how her hair curled a bit more on the ends than usual which we both adored.


More about this product

"What are the benefits of reverse washing?"
"Conditioning first softens your hair and shampooing after washes away the excess weight leaving you with a smooth, polished feel that’s full of bounce." 


  • THE FORMULATION: The bounce-friendly formulation, with Fleximax Volumizers and Fiber Polishing Actives, bind the cuticle to leave hair smooth and polished, even after you shampoo.

  • THE EFFECT: Our new revolutionary Reverse System with conditioner before shampoo helps you achieve volume and softness at the same time. Hair is left beautifully soft, but not flat.



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I'm an Influenster member and received this product at no cost to me in a VoxBox in exchange for testing and an honest review.


UPDATE: December 8th, 2016. After using this product for several months, I've discovered I still enjoy using it and my husband loves the smell. However, I had to be cautious in ratio used when washing as sometimes my hair would be greasy on the top back of my head. I eventually felt I needed additional conditioning so began using a bit of my former conditioner on my ends. It did make my hair smell great and soft, but the inconsistent results in regards to greasy did annoy me a bit. Just experiment with the ratio of how much you use and it works great. The shampoo is very potent, so sometimes I 'reversed' the routine for best results.