A World Without Borders

Source: https://www.facebook.com/standearth/photos/a.415188889220.190967.35715544220/10152342470394221/?type=3&permPage=1

Source: https://www.facebook.com/standearth/photos/a.415188889220.190967.35715544220/10152342470394221/?type=3&permPage=1

If only we could coexist without the need for passports and politics. Earth is meant to be explored and shared rather than controlled and fought over.

I was raised in a Southern Baptist church. 'Saved' as a teen during a youth camp. I believed strongly in every word of everything taught. Yet, I believe even more strongly in humanity. I believe in people. In truth and love. I believe in equality and in individuality. I support all religions provided they do not kill, destroy or do harm to others or nature in the name of religion. I support all skin colors, all races, all genders and all sexual orientations.

Life is so, so very short. We are all dying from the moment of our first breath. To allow society to dictate how we live, how we believe, how we love is to be caged. Some reading this may be offended because my beliefs may be different. To offend is not my intention and I respect you and our differences. We don't have to believe the same to be friends, family or even enemies. Whether we believe the same or believe differently will change nothing. We are still human. We are still unique. We are still living, bleeding, breathing beings with souls and the potential to do great or horrible things in our lifetimes. I have never, ever been perfect, but I have always chosen and tried to do good things with mine.

Before you unfollow, unfriend, block or stop being in my life because I speak so strongly, consider that every single person on your friends list believes something that you believe differently than you do. There will always be common beliefs and there will always be differences. We are human. We are meant to be free to believe how we want. Yet, despite this, we have over centuries of war and conquest, constructed a cage. A huge, horrible cage. We are not free to live how we want. We have to have laws to determine who we can marry. Laws to determine where we can live. Laws to determine what we can put in our bodies. Where is the freedom? We humans are supposedly one of the primary top-of-the-food-chain types of creatures, and yet we are killing each other and our own planet all with the goal to enslave ourselves and each-other. If you think there is nothing wrong, then look around. Even the very land we live on was once a conquest. Murder and migration of innocents. Our country was built on terror and conquest. Not much different than 'modern life'. Though now religious groups claim responsibility rather than a country. 

It would of course be nice if there was no fighting, no war, no hunger, no persecution, no anger, no fear, no jealousy. I fear that even with planetary freedom, humans would still kill and destroy each other. This planet, even damaged by us, will be here longer than we will. Why fight so much just because we are different?