No One Deserves To Die Alone...

You may be content in your life, but someone you know is not. Someone is alone. It could be your friend, family, spouse, coworker, neighbor, networking contact or even a just a social media connection. Not everyone has a social life or family who cares. Not everyone has friends or family who check on them or visit often. Some don't even have family.

Elderly are the most at risk of loneliness, but most fail to realize that the same solitude that plagues elderly commonly affects people of all ages. Most just hide the sadness behind a smile or social media trying to fit in so they don't scare away the social interaction that remains. It's not always the poor or unattractive that are lonely. It's not always the people who you'd expect. Society generally assumes happiness exists among those who are blessed with faith and a religious family, have enough money to cover life without any financial stress or basically anyone who has basic society based needs covered. It's assumed that they are unjustifiably complaining for being unhappy when so many other people have a harder life than they do.

Life and happiness is not defined by material gain or wealth. You can own everything you ever wanted and still be lonely. Money cannot buy time. Money cannot buy true friends. People change as they grow and age, most without realizing how quickly they have abandoned friends and family that love them deeply. Their life has evolved to where those they once spent time with are no longer as valued as they are assumed incapable of the ability to contribute to the growth. Suddenly, those once valued are left alone to start again. Without friends. Without family. Alone to start the journey to self-discovery often to only discover they are so alone that only death can provide comfort. After their demise, only then do their friends and family realize how they missed them in their lives and how much they should've made more time for them. Does this change how they live? No. With time, death is forgotten and they become labeled a coward for ending the life they thought no one wanted.

Don't ever be so busy and so caught up in your own life to fail to consider the lives of others. There is someone you know right now who is completely alone. Their spouse is never around, whether due to work or a failed marriage. They are forced to live like a single parent as a result. Or when their spouse is home, they never talk or touch anymore. Or maybe they are single and without anyone to share life with. Their friends got married and never speak to them and their family doesn't either or maybe they just like their new friends better. Trying to move on and make new friends never works out. People make assumptions, judge or talk about them behind their back without getting to know them. Coworkers are single and want them to hang out at bars and places of temptation despite knowing they already have issues at home. Family never comes to visit. Their parents don't even want them. They do everything on their own.

Imagine the loneliness of others around you. Think differently next time you see a smile. It's not always real. Find ways to make everyone around you truly happy. Take the time to call or message and check on everyone you know as often as you can. You never know how deeply someone is hurting. How long until they end their own suffering? How much would that momentary interaction, that only would take a few moments of your time, mean to them? In the end, it won't matter how much money you have, how many contacts you've made or what possessions you've obtained. Stop being what society wants and be human. Stop judging because of skin, religion, sexuality and differences that are external or private. We all need someone to remind us of our value. Never assume everything is ok. Take the time to be there before life is over.

The truth is that life has no countdown. We're dying from the moment we are born and no one deserves to die alone...

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