You Think You Are Free?

Think you're free? You're wrong. The very existence you take for granted is a cage with hidden bars that few ever learn how to see. We are victims of control. Take for example money. We need it for everything, even food and water despite being capable of growing our own food and collecting and treating our own water. Yet, we've became reliant upon others to do everything for us. We think we're modern and wealthy when in fact we are merely slaves.

Do you know how to grow your food? All of it? Could you survive if suddenly our financial economy crashed into oblivion and money and stores no longer existed? What about harvesting, storing and cooking? Think about EVERY single thing you eat. Is it something you can grow or trade for? Or is it unhealthy, pre-made packaged junk poisoning your body with chemicals? When you're sick, does your doctor try to determine the cause or only the cure? Is that cure often chemical laden pharmaceutical poison commonly laden with side effects or do they first take the time to talk to you, determine the true symptoms?

You probably take a multivitamin and assume all is well. It's not. Most of them lack the proper level needed as not everyone eats the same or are in the sun the same. We are all unique in regards to what our body needs and the majority of 'modern' medical care is based upon the needs of many rather than the needs of the few. The goal in life seems to be encouraging wealth and fame, yet in reality the most expensive bed you'll own is the hospital bed. Think about it. Although you can pass along wealth to you descendents, in the end you are leaving behind something that has no real value. Years from now, costs will continue to rise and your millions will no longer be sustainable.

Most assume money buys happiness. They're wrong. It can buy things that can result in temporary happiness, but no amount of money can provide happiness at all times. We are human. Good days and bad days are a part of life. Besides, we don't even own the land we live on. Think your money is going towards a legacy? Then why must we still pay taxes on home and property once paid for? Think about it. It's all just a lie. We pay rent to a landlord that controls and encroaches upon our very freedom, health and existence.

What about the fight against drugs? We see so much on social media about drug busts and yet the reality is far less productive. Alcohol is legal. Tobacco is legal. Both are responsible for substantial amounts of death. Drunk drivers. Alcohol poisoning. Cancer. Anger issues. Financially addicted to substances than do much harm. Does this not count as a drug? What about the chemicals in food that poison us resulting in substantial doctor bills lining the pockets of the government at tax time?

There's currently a battle to legalize or at least decriminalize marijuana. Many consider this plant to be just as damaging as heroin and meth. Yet, why do police post proud photos of them posing beside marijuana and we rarely, nearly never see photos of the chemical laden meth factories that result in condemned houses and zombie like flesh of the users?  How can a plant be illegal when a plant is the primary source for wine, beer and most alcohol and for tobacco? Most don't even know that nicotine is fatal with direct exposure and was previously used as an insecticide. Here in Kentucky, tobacco had been a cash crop for many, many years. I have great respect for farmers, but feel they were taken advantage of by a corrupt system. Generations of farmers began to grow a crop without nutritional purpose despite the amount of hunger in the world. Why? Because our lives have became so stressful that we need a release.

Also, think of all the lovely taxable income doctors will receive as generations began to be sick. If only tobacco could medicate for real, you know help with seizures, anxiety, depression, PTSD...etc. Oh wait, there is a plant, but it's still illegal in most states. Those who know me know I've been very anti-drug my entire life, but for me a drug is something that does more damage to the body than good. Of course even marijuana has it's own faults and can easily become a financial addiction just as with cigarettes. The point is, there is something very wrong with 'the system' and most are blind to it. Ask yourself, why does the government have a patent on marijuana? 

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