Review of Herbal Essences 'Argan Oil of Morocco' Shampoo & Conditioner

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As a lover of Herbal Essences since high school, I was super thrilled when I received an email invitation to try their new bio:renew collection via BzzAgent at no cost to me. I was provided a full size bottle of both shampoo and conditioner in the formulation of my choice, with three formulations to choose from: Coconut Milk (hydration), Argan Oil of Morocco (repair) or Naked White Grapefruit and Mosa Mint (volume). Considering that I have thin hair that is regularly dyed, though I do use less damaging semi-permanent dye, I chose the Argan Oil of Morocco.

Once my bottles arrived, I eagerly tore into the Bzzkit. The bottles were gorgeous! The design is using their classic bottle, but 'modernized' with beautiful and vivid colors and graphics. It was love at first sight and that was without even trying either of them. Of course, I couldn't stop there and had to bravely test them both.

The scent was a bit disappointing initially. I have scent allergies so always prefer to use mildly scented or unscented products and yet, I really wanted to give this product a chance...partially because the bottle was so pretty and because it's an eco-friendly product. The whole wind energy credit thing was an awesome bonus. I found that the scent grew on me and actually is pleasing after a month's usage. The best part is that it's not overpowering or fake and doesn't linger in my hair. My husband says my hair smells good, but he can't determine what the smell is or why which is perfect. A bit of mystery!

The shampoo lathers well and feels luxurious. My hair feels awesome after the shampoo which is rare. Most products leave my hair feeling SO dry and yuck like that feeling after dying hair where you really, really bad need the restorative conditioner. Speaking of the conditioner, well it's amazing. My hair loves it. I have thin and easily damaged hair lacking of volume. It's also a battle of greasy roots and dry tips. Somehow, hair is thicker!!! I've tested and reviewed many shampoo and conditioners and NEVER have I been absolutely enamored!! Provided I only use the conditioner from ears and below (avoiding the scalp), there is zero greasy residue or oily appearance. My hair is finally happy and equalized.

Useable morning hair? I've NEVER felt this way before.

Useable morning hair? I've NEVER felt this way before.

The results were not at all what I'd expected. For my hair to obtain additional thickness was not the main purpose of this 'repairing' formulation. However, I can't complain! There is zero doubt that my hair is stronger. I work from my home office as a Photographer, so I'm often home and wear my hair up using what I call my DNA spiral or helix.. It's a metal twist that secures my bun. I've noticed that now my hair doesn't want to stay up in the bun where it's so smooth AND it's thicker because I'm now needing to use two spirals to secure my hair. Insane.

Recently, I talked with some of the other mom's waiting to pick-up our kids after school. Someone complimented my hair and then we all starting talking about hair. It was awkward, but these ladies took turns petting my hair like I was some sort of cute feline. One even smelled my hair which was super weird. However, all remarked at how soft my hair felt. I told them that I dye my hair and sofar have not had issues with losing color. I also told them how impressed I was with both the shampoo and conditioner. Normally, argan oil products are a bit gimmicky and make my hair oily, but this was the first to genuinely heal and strengthen my hair.

Despite all the raves I have for this, there is only one negative. Unfortunately, neither Walmart, other retail or drugstores currently carry the Herbal Essences with bio:renew line. I did find a solitary bottle of the Argan Oil of Morocco Leave In Creme last weekend which was really strange. Oh and it's awesome too. Of course this is a new product, so if it's hard to find don't worry, there's always the internet and Amazon. 

I am overdue taking a few selfies to illustrate the beautiful after effects, so I will update my review asap. The photo used above was taken after sleeping on hair washed and conditioned the morning prior. Normally, my oily hair type will not allow me to skip washing without being forced to wear a ponytail, braid or bun. Yet, totally soft and once brushed, I was able to still go about my day without being forced to wash. Yay! 

The new Herbal Essences’ collection is changing the haircare game. With nine collections each inspired by nature, your hair will feel nourished from the outside in. And on top of those fantastic smelling natural ingredients, the collection is specially formulated with a new blend called bio:renew to make your hair more vibrant and full of life. Bio:renew merges the best of nature and science, combining antioxidants, aloe and sea kelp to remove build up and restore softness and shine to your hair. What are you waiting for? Your hair will thank you later.
— Herbal Essences and BzzAgent

Keep Your Hair Looking Its Best

With 9 collections in the NEW Herbal Essences with bio:renew, there’s a delightfully fragrant shampoo/conditioner pairing for every hair type:

Coconut Milk: Deeply hydrates hair leaving it soft and silky with scents of white floral bouquet, uplifting coconut and vanilla.
Argan Oil of Morocco: Repairs hair for silkiness and shine with an aroma of fizzy citrus, exotic spice and creamy vanilla.
White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint Naked Volume: Builds body and movement, leaving hair with more volume and a sweet minty fragrance of fresh squeezed citrus, clean mint and velvet peach.
Passion Flower & Rice Milk: Provides deep nourishment for visibly healthier hair with scents of juicy citrus, passion fruit and creamy orange blossom.
Golden Moringa Oil: Provides sleek and glossy strands with a lingering scent of juicy orange, white floral bouquet and coconut water.
Vitamin E & Cocoa Butter: Restores strength and softness to hair with scents of black cherry, almond cream and spicy amber.
Cucumber & Green Tea: Gently cleanses hair providing lightweight moisture with refreshing scents of green leaves, watery lily and clean amber.
Arabica Coffee Fruit: Gives hair the volume it needs with fragrances of crushed berries, caramel latte and patchouli.
Rosemary & Herbs Naked Moisture: Gently cleanses and conditions locks for clean, hydrated hair. The collection features an eclectic mix of clean mint, sandalwood and herbs.

Want to learn more? Head to the Herbal Essences links below to learn how to make your hair look vibrant and full of life:

Disclaimer: BzzAgent and Herbal Essences provided a full size bottle of Argan Oil of Morocco bio:renew Shampoo & Conditioner at no cost to me in exchange for social media tasks and this blog post. Opinions are my own, honest and never biased by freebies/discounts. IMAGE CREDIT: PRODUCT IMAGES, LOGOS, GRAPHICS USED IN THIS POST ARE FROM THE LINKS ABOVE.